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This year, Zahedan farmers harvested 40 tons of pistachios and sent them to the market.

Report of Sistan and Baluchestan Central Radio and Television News Agency; The director of Zahedan Agricultural Organization said:

the work of harvesting pistachios from 3,000 hectares of fertile pistachio orchards in Zahedan city has been completed.

The head of Agricultural Organization of Sistan and Baluchestan , pointing out that about 40% of the province’s pistachio orchards are in Zahedan city, added:

Zahedan city has 4,150 hectares of pistachio orchards, of which 5,000 hectares are fertile and 1,450 hectares are new orchards.

Zahedan pistachios

The director of Jihad Keshavarzi announced the record of pistachio production in model orchards of Zahedan city based on the last weight of 4 tons per hectare and said that due to the added value of pistachio crop, farmers are developing pistachio orchards.

Zahedan city has the highest area under pistachio cultivation and production in the province.

Source of the news: iribnews