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Varamin pistachios

The governor of Varamin city said: more than 8,000 hectares of agricultural lands in Varamin are under cultivation of different pistachio cultivars.

Hossein Kaghazloo on Wednesday evening, October 7, during a visit to the harvesting and processing of pistachios in the southern fields of Varamin said: The basis of Varamin economy is based on agriculture and in recent years, hardworking farmers in addition to producing strategic products of wheat, barley, corn and summer crops, They have grown pistachio trees that are compatible with the climatic conditions of the region.

He said: the southern lands of Varamin city have been dedicated to pistachio cultivation for about 14 years due to their fertility, an important product with high added value that has a good growth due to low water needs and due to cultivation near the desert. , Also prevents the advance of the desert.

He added: The high added value of this product has caused the growth of development of pistachio orchards in Varamin city to have an acceptable speed and now more than 8,000 hectares of agricultural lands in Varamin are under cultivation of different cultivars of this product.

Kaghzloo stated: Currently, more than 4,000 hectares of pistachio orchards in Varamin, which are mainly of Ahmad Aghaei type; It is fertile and an average of 2,000 kilograms of dry crop is harvested per hectare.

He emphasized: the very high quality of pistachios produced in Varamin city, has turned this product into a completely export commodity, but due to the lack of branding, this product is marketed and exported under the name of other provinces with pistachios.

The governor of Varamin city said: all pistachio products produced in Varamin city, after peeling and drying, are sent to Kerman and Rafsanjan provinces and from there, they are exported abroad under the Rafsanjan brand.

He said: “Currently, 25 pistachio peeling and processing units are operating in Varamin, which after drying the product, send it to Rafsanjan and after packaging, export it abroad.”

He stated: The officials of Varamin city are trying to form a pistachio farmers’ cooperative company so that the pistachio product of the city can be processed, packaged and exported under the brand and name of Varamin.

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