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Iran Pistachio trade during the first working week of September 2020, traders in the financial instruments market of Iran Commodity Exchange bought and sold 3 million 122 thousand 962 commodity deposit certificates worth more than 1813 billion and 253 million rials.($1 USD =196000 IRR when writing the post).

Iran Pistachio trade compared to the last working week of August was accompanied by a growth of 4 and 33 percent in the volume and value of its transactions.

Iran Pistachio trade

During last week’s trading, 1944 traders bought and sold pistachio deposit certificates worth more than 2 billion and 707 million rials. 121,323 certificates of deposit of saffron were traded with a value of about 8 billion and 100 million rials.

Traders with a transaction of more than one million and 144 thousand certificates of saffron deposit Negin also valued at 142 billion and 817 million rials. During these transactions, 9954 cumin certificates of deposit were traded in the three symbols of knowledge warehouses, Minobazr and Kimiabzr. The value of these transactions was 4. It amounted to one billion rials.

More than 1,548,000 gold coin deposit certificates were traded in the symbol of 4 bank warehouses to record the value of 1655 billion and 215 million rials for this basic asset.

Source of the news : eghtesadekerman