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The use of masks in the pistachios harvesting process is mandatory in kerman

Kerman – IRNA – The governor of Zarand said: the use of masks when harvesting pistachios is mandatory and gardeners must observe this important.

In an interview with IRNA on Saturday, Ali Sadeghzadeh added: “Gardeners in pistachio recording workshops should consider using masks and observing hygienic points and avoid people with coronary heart disease entering pistachio recording workshops.”

He pointed out that we deal with workshops that do not follow the principles of hygiene and prevention: Pistachio is a food product and maximum hygiene protocols must be observed in its harvest.

The governor of Zarand said: This year, like last year, the police, the prosecutor’s office and the security council of this city are firmly preventing pistachio thieves and the gardens will be well protected.

Farmers spend the income from the sale of pistachios in the industrial sector

The governor of Zarand stated: “Considering the investment field that has been created in the city and the steel by-products industry, which is a very effective and profitable industry, our request to gardeners and farmers who have income from selling the product is that in the side industries of factories.” Invest and we support them in every way.

He pointed out: Zarand is a land and a golden opportunity for investment, and local investors should use these opportunities more than others.