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The price of nuts was announced on Eid night

The prices of nuts and dried fruits on Eid night were announced by the fruit and vegetable markets. This is while the announced price is far from the prices in the market. On the other hand, the sharp rise in prices and the decline in people’s purchasing power have left many people empty of nuts and dried fruits on the Eid night table.

Nowruz holiday is approaching and people are preparing to buy the items they need on the eve of Eid night. Nuts and nuts are some of these items that can be part of the household basket. But on the one hand, it has a high price and some people can’t afford it, and on the other hand, some people refuse to buy it due to the prevalence of the corona.

Read about a conversation with the head of the Tehran Nuts and Nuts Union regarding the pricing of nuts and dried fruits in the market and health protocols during the Corona days, as well as the prices on Eid night:

The head of the Tehran Nuts and Nuts Dealers’ Union said about the corona damage during the past year: “Our class was not damaged only in 2018 and 2019.” But 2017 was also damaged. This is due to the slogan not to buy nuts and dried fruits, which was announced in 1997. But in 1997, expensive nut sellers were not to blame. Rather, yields were low and frost reduced production. The goods became expensive and the nut sellers suffered as a result. In 2018, the corona became widespread and we were one of the classes that were severely damaged. People did not trust us because of health issues and our goods were left without a buyer. We hope that this year, with the protocols announced by the Ministry of Health, people will be able to buy without worries.

The government did not help during the Corona

Ahmadi added: “Some of our members have kept their faces red with slaps, as the famous saying goes.” Some were forced to sell their fixed assets and make up for losses. In the days of Corona, we suffered double losses because we could not maintain our processing goods.

He emphasized: the government did not help us during this period. Only a loan of 12 million Tomans was considered for us, which was not even enough for our monthly electricity bill. We informed the members to go to the system and register, but as far as I know, no one registered and He did not take the loan of 12 million Tomans.

Almond lands on the threshold villa

Regarding the import of nuts and dried fruits, Ahmadi said: “Pumpkin seeds, almond kernels, and sunflower kernels are imported.” Because production is not enough consumption. We are weak in the field of production of these items. Peanuts are also imported. The threshold lands have been villaged and there is no land where the amount of peanut production reaches the consumption level. For this reason, in order to maintain the market and control the market in a controlled way, we have to import some of the items that we have inside the production problem.

Regarding the production of cashews in the country, he said: “We do not have domestic production of cashews and it is 100% imported.” Because the order registration for this product has been closed recently, it is only imported as smuggling. Almonds are an African almond. This plant is thick and very difficult to separate from the skin. In countries such as Vietnam and India, because of the sultry and humid climate of those countries, the production and processing of cashews are very easy.

The head of the Tehran Nuts and Nuts Sales Union continued: “This year, we exported 90,000 tons of pistachios.” The rest of the items were more or less exported. This year, due to the good production we had, we had good exports. In 2018, due to drought and frost, we had 70,000 tons of pistachio production, but this year, we had 140,000 tons, which means 100% production.

Deals are being dealt with

He continued about the approved price of nuts and dried fruits in the market: the products that remain in the market and are processed are kept in cold stores. This also costs the sellers. In general, we do not have an approved price, and the amount of production and the exchange rate and the market supply and demand determine the prices. Months ago, we even sold some of our products cheaper than in previous years. There is a mechanism for determining the price in the market. In this way, the wholesalers identified under the supervision of the union provide a valid purchase invoice. It is calculated at 10% interest rate for retailers and at 3% interest rate for wholesalers. Prices are compared in the market under the supervision of penitentiary inspectors, trade unions, and chambers of commerce, and expensive sales are dealt with.

Ahmadi added: “In the last 2 years, our union members have not been able to achieve their real profit.” Both because of the drought and frost in 2017-2018 and that slogan not to nuts and because of the corona days, we had to sell our goods at a purchase price.

Quality hand-picked nuts

Regarding the price difference of some similar items in nut shops in different parts of Tehran, he said: “The variety of goods in our class is great.” For example, 40 to 50 types of pistachios are available in the market. We have over 80 types of seeds. This is the reason for the difference in prices. Some nut retailers re-pick the same items to maintain their brand. A seller prefers to make a 10% profit and sell his goods. Another prefers to spend 10% to maintain his brand. But in general, in these few years, our members have not seen a full 10% benefit from the people.

The sale of bulk nuts in confectioneries and pastry shops is against the agreement

The head of the Tehran Nuts and Nuts Union said about the sale of nuts in confectioneries: “Our union has agreed with the confectioners’ union that we can sell each other’s goods in packages.” According to the agreement, confectioners must sell nuts and dried fruits in packages, and the bulk sale of nuts and dried fruits in confectioneries and confectioneries is against the agreement between the two unions.

This year, testing nuts and dried fruits is prohibited

Regarding the bulk sale of nuts in the days of Corona, Ahmadi said: “In Iran, it is either right or wrong for people to buy nuts and dried fruits in bulk, so that they can be tested.” But this year, testing products is banned due to the prevalence of corona. Health protocols also state that members must apply nylon and plastic to products. These cases have been announced to all members of the union. Sellers must pack the products according to the health protocols and then deliver them to the buyers.

“We advise people not to buy at the last minute,” he said, adding that the principle for us is the health of the people and the members of the union and the sellers rather than the sale of goods. Start shopping today so that there is no congestion, and in private shops, both people and sellers are comfortable.

People buy cheap nuts these days

The head of the Tehran Nuts and Nuts Union said: “The members of the union sell their products below the purchase price at the end of each year from March 11 to 12 because their items are not left for the summer.” This is a help that has been made by the members of the union in this situation, so that people can buy nuts and dried fruits that have high nutritional and medicinal properties and not be removed from the Eid dinner table.

The government should help our class in discussing taxes

Finally, Ahmadi said that the government should provide assistance to the guilds that suffered heavy losses due to the corona. Corona suffered heavy losses. Some even lost the main assets of their lives. The government did not help with all its promises. Contrary to the government’s view that it has been investigating since 2019, our damage is actually from 2018. We hope that from May and June 2021, when we file our tax returns, the government will help us to be able to stand on our own two feet.

Prices of nuts and dried fruits on Eid night in Tareh Bar squares

1USD = 24000 Toman

According to the announcement of the prices of fruit and leek fields, the prices of some high

-consumption items of nuts and dried fruits have been announced as follows: 1- Peanuts with pods 45 thousand Tomans per kilogram

2- Almonds with paper peel 153 thousand Tomans

per kilogram 3- Ahmad Aghaei pistachios 189 Thousand Tomans

4- Akbari pistachio 210 thousand Tomans per kilogram

5- Hazelnut pistachio 173 thousand Tomans per kilogram

6- Koleghoochi pistachio 195 thousand Tomans

7- Premium Japanese seeds 45 thousand Tomans per kilogram

8- Large squash seeds 99 thousand Tomans per kilogram Tomans

9- Hazelnuts with large skin 163 thousand Tomans per kilogram

10- Walnuts with paper skin 110 thousand Tomans

per kilogram 11- Almond kernels per kilogram 198 thousand Tomans

12- Premium peanut kernels per kilogram 77 thousand Tomans

13- Two-feathered white walnut kernel 218 thousand Tomans per kilogram

14- Two large fire chickpeas 42 thousand Tomans per kilogram