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The cool weather made Zarandieh pistachio more smiling

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Markazi Province Pistachio Producers Cooperative, about Zarandieh pistachio said: “The noticeable decrease in temperature in recent days and the coolness of the air have made the pistachios produced in Markazi Province fresher and the kernels are become open due to the climatic condition.”

In an interview with ISNA, Mahmoud Barani considered hot days and cool nights as a feature of the climate compatible with quality pistachio production areas and said: “Cool air will prevent overheating of pistachios and it is useful and appropriate in the early arrival of this product.”

In other words, the coolness of the air will make the pistachio kernel fuller and more smiling.

Effects of coolness and climatic conditions on pistachio kernels.

Zarandieh pistachio

The chairman of the board of directors of the Central Province Pistachios Producers Cooperative announced that this year is the year of “growing” Zarandieh pistachios and added:

“It is predicted that the harvest of this product will grow by 10% this year compared to last year.”

Anniversary is a period in the field of pistachio cultivation in which the yield of pistachio trees increases, in other words, pistachio trees are a fruitful year and a fruitless year.

He pointed out that Zarandieh pistachio has been protected from the danger of spring frosts and other unexpected events such as wind, heavy rain and hail, adding:

“Pistachio farmers in this city are providing the necessary infrastructure and preparation for harvesting this crop from September 16 of the year.” Are current.

Barani continued: “Last year, about 11,000 tons of pistachios were harvested in Zarandieh city and up to 90% of the pistachio production of Zarandieh city can be exported, but fortunately Corona disease has not had much effect on Zarandieh pistachio exports.”

He stated that the area under pistachios cultivation in Zarandieh is more than 11,000 hectares, of which 10,000 hectares are fertile, and added:

“Of this amount, nearly 8,000 hectares are located in the peak village of Sultan Ahmadlu region.”

The Chairman of the Cooperative Board of Pistachios Producers of Markazi Province also pointed to the unveiling of the pistachios brand produced in Zarandieh city last year by using the Zarandieh pistachio export terminal as the largest pistachio export terminal in the country and added: We will be a city.

He pointed out that the average pistachio harvest in Zarandieh is about two tons per hectare, said: Currently, about 80% of organic pistachios produced in Markazi province are produced in this city.

Source of the news : ISNA