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According to ILNA, to dry fresh pistachios, it is relatively difficult to peel fresh pistachios by hand, especially if the pistachios weigh more than 1 kg.

Pistachio has many properties for the health of the body and therefore it is recommended to include pistachio in your diet.

The skin of the pistachio goes under the nails and makes the fingertips black and sticky.

Now we introduce you to a method in which you can peel it by hand at least 4 times faster and with less hassle. Follow the steps below to remove the pistachios from the skin in a short time.

Separating pistachio branches

Although, as usual, fresh pistachios sold in stores do not have branches, check carefully that there are no extra branches between the pistachios. Branches can cause problems in later stages.

  1. Pour the pistachios into a tight plastic bagFind a nylon bag. In this experiment, we used an ordinary plastic bag, which, of course, was torn after 2 uses.You can also use two layers of bags.
  2. fill about a quarter to a third of the usable space of the bag with pistachios. Usable space means the space of the bag, except for the handles or the part that is used to tie the bag.
  3. Fill a quarter to a third of the bag with pistachios.
  4. Close the bag of fresh pistachios. tie the bag so that there is not too much air in the bag to inflate it when pushing the bag.The size of the pistachios should be such that when you place the bag on the ground, the pistachios inside the bag form a flat layer of 3-4 cm at most.
  5. Close the bag so that the pistachio forms a 3-4 cm layer in the bag.Press the pistachios together
  6. Press and slide the pistachios together with the palm of your hand or foot, which is, of course, easier on the foot. Do this carefully so that the bag does not tear and do not allow a large part of the pistachio to collect in one corner of the bag and be pressed to prevent tearing. Continue until the skin of the pistachios separates.
  7. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.
  8. Isolation of fresh pistachio skin
  9. Now all you have to do is untie the bag and empty the pistachios on a tray. You can easily separate the skins and pistachios. Of course, there are still some pistachios whose skin is firmly attached. Now it is much easier to separate the pistachio skin from the pistachio itself.

Wash fresh pistachios

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. This way you can clean them or separate the lighter pistachios from the water. Empty pistachios float on the water.

To dry fresh pistachios, pistachios can be dried in the sun or roasted in a pan to dry. The use of salt also increases the shelf life of pistachios. Rinse the pistachios and dry them in a large tray in the sun.

  1. When peeling fresh pistachios, do not worry about the pistachios closing. During the drying process of pistachios, many pistachios open on their own.

۲. Experience has shown that frozen pistachios are much easier to peel.

  1. High quality fresh pistachios are pistachios that have opened their doors.
  2. As usual, the pistachios are soaked in the package and soaked in water using special devices. This type of pistachio is called smiling. That is, pistachios that have been smiled by this process.
  3. To determine if a pistachio has opened its own door or with the help of human intervention, it is enough to hold it in your hand and try to pull them together from the skin of the pistachio. Pistachio is smiling water, but if it was not possible to close the pistachio at all, your pistachio is smiling naturally.