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Sargol Saffron
Pushali saffron from Iran and Afghanistan

Sargol Saffron

Sargol saffron

Sargol is a cut of saffron stigmas which has the least amount of white part of strings.

is mainly use for general purposes like confectionery which are taking care of quality of products.

Turkish cousin use saffron for cocking delicious baklava and other traditional foods.

Arabi or khaliji cuisine use saffron in Halva and Masqhati.

When saffron cultivators harvest and collect flowers to pick the three stigmas they sort it by different cuts base on market condition.

Sargol is the most in demand type of cuts among the other main two types, Negin and Pushal.

saffron is available in bulk and retail, bulk saffron is much more cheaper in the farms about 10 times cheaper!

Merchant buy it directly from farmers or country of origin then, pack and sell it in retail stores or online shops.

Organic Pushal saffron.

Countries like Iran, produce about 90-95% of the world’s saffron production hence, other industrial countries import and re-export it to the rest of the world.

Iranian saffron cultivators are not using organic techniques to produce organicly but most of the products are organic.

It is not a paradox, because they have not the knowledge of paper works like certificates and as a result of that, they are not able to label it as Organic.

Afghanistan is another competitor for Iran saffron

Afghanistan is going to develop its farms to produce saffron.

Due to the global program to encourage afghan farmers to plant saffron they are producing more of it in comparison last years.

What is Sargol saffron.

  1. Should not contain white and yellow parts of stigmas.
  2. Should contain high concentration of chemical components like Crocin.
  3. The fresher it is the higher quality it has.
  4. Coloring power 270