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Saffron is a golden color spice and is very popular in Asia.

It is very beneficial and rarely adoptable to cultivate in the world but there are some countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Macedonia and Spain.

The countries produced about 98% of the spice in the world and Iran is responsible for 90-95% of the production.


Where the red color come from?

The Red color is because of a chemical component, Safranin.

Safranin causes Red color and the perfume if the plant ever flower of saffron has three stigmas.

Farmers collect flowers and separate stigmas.

To grow the spice, farmers plant bulbs in raws and the next year it grows.

Saffron stigmas

Different kind of saffron

Negin saffron

Saffron is the most precious spice in the world because of some reasons.

first of all, labour cost

for collecting a pound of the plant that takes too much time to be harvested.

Usually,starts before sunshine and lasts till late afternoon.

Every day workers harvesting by collecting flowers and putting them in bushels then the next line continue the procedure by separating stigmas from flowers (mostly in Iran all of them is doing by hand).

recently in some countries with high labour wage farmers collect flowers by special machine but in some countries like Afghanistan and Iran workers do that manually.

After picking stigmas they let them dry naturally or by dryer machines.

In some cases base on demand farmers cut the stigmas to eliminate two out of four of the upper red part of the stigmas as grade premium with the highest red coloring power.

Base on the quality they grade as Negin or Sargol quality.

Those two mentioned types are same in outward characteristics but experts are able to distinguish differences.

Recently some other expressions are use by dealers like Ironed Negin (which is long shape, bigger in size and thickness).

That is worthwhile to mention that chemical components are variable. as an instance ISO-3632 is leveling the color strength 200 as  the best grade but in some case that exceeds of 250 to 275 for some Iranian Saffron which indicates to a higher quality.

Sargol Saffron

It has different types of quality and shapes.

many different ways available to improve the color of stigmas of the flower which is known as Crocus sativus.

There are four main sorts of saffron which are among the most famous phrases in this multi million dollar industry.

Sargol is one of them and the word derived from two parts :Sar: stands for Head or TopGol: means flower (indicates to the stigmas)Those words which are Persia words.

that is not by a simple accident why when we talk about the most valuable spice in the world nothing comes to mind except a country which is responsible for over 90 percent of the total cultivation in the world.

Most of the saffron vendors who offer the spice, label their products as original Iranian or original Persia saffron (the last one mostly is used by Iranian rooted sellers because of the patriot to the history of the country which is known as Iran(mostly since no more than ten decades).

Quality of saffron mostly depends on the soil which the plant grows, weather condition, TDS of the irrigation water, time of harvesting , organic matters which are available for the plant in the soil, soil toughness, cut of stigmas.

What are the characteristics of Sargol.

Sargol is the one which has the highest quality and color power after Negin saffron as the second best quality.

I’d better to notice all types of saffron which are name by their cut comes from same variety of flowers.

The difference are because of the length of stigmas and from which part of the body those are cut.

As an example, saffron cultivators can convert Pushal to Sargol by separating the yellow part of the stigmas.

As a result of this action weight decrease and price will goes up as well.

Most of the chemical components cause color, taste and smell are in the  top quarter of stigmas (Safranin and Crocin.)

Pushal Saffron

When you are drinking your favorite golden color drink which has a touch of nature sense and enjoying from delicious taste as well as extraordinary relaxing flavor may be your are drinking one of the most rare ingredients which is the most expensive spice in the world.

Saffron is very beneficial for mental, sexual and physical wellness which improves your concentration and help your eyes to work better.

Some research say saffron improves eye vision

most of the recent studies approve the power of curing and improving eyes sight which occurs by senescence and problems with  neural roots.

One of the local doctors advised to use pure so her father done.

then (I said) ?

after a few months she could see her father’s eyes were getting much more better.

Sargol is the second most pure saffron cut because the highest concentration of effective matters which are in the two out of the fourth top part of the stigmas.

On the first stage is Negin, Negin is a result of cutting off the stigmas from the top part of stigmas.

And the third cut would be Pushal or Pushali پوشالی (Persian), after cutting the saffron stigmas from the 75% of the top whole of the cut is pushali .
Pushali is the cheapest type of the product among the three cuts of saffron.

Sargol, Negin and Pushal.

The type is longer and less chemical matters are available on the whole part because of the bottom part which has yellow halation and less effective matters like curucin and Safranin.