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Saffron products

Saffron products contains different cut of the plants flower stigmas and its origin

Saffron is a kind of spice which grows in Iran, Georgia, Afghanistan, Morocco Macedonia and Spain.


One of the things about saffron is its origin.

Mostly Iran produces 90-95% of the world saffron production.

After Iran Spain, Morocco ans Afghanistan are competing in the market.

  • Iran
  • Spain
  • Afghanistan
  • Morocco
  • Macedonia
  • Georgia




Negin cut is the highest quality of saffron which EBTOR is offering to its costumers.

Crocin and coloring > 250


In Saffron products, Sargol cut is the second base on coloring power which is the most common type of saffron which is proper for household, cooking, confectionery and industrial usages.

Crocin and coloring > 200


Pushal is a form of saffron cut which the yellow part of stigmas is not separated.

Crocin and coloring > 180