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Rafsanjan Special Economic Zone

The CEO of Rafsanjan Special Economic Zone said: in order to use the capacities of the two complexes and remove production barriers, a joint chapter will be created between Rafsanjan Special Economic Zone and the agricultural organisation of this city.

According to ISNA, Ruhollah Bahramshahi in a joint meeting with the director of Rafsanjan Agricultural Jihad this evening, 2022 February 7, referring to the location of the Rafsanjan Special Economic Zone, said: “One of the important missions of the region is to provide infrastructure for investors and one of the attractions of these areas is speeding the licensing process.”

The CEO of Rafsanjan Special Economic Zone also announced the increase of the advantages of special zones in the near future and said: the region will interact with agricultural jihad due to its capacities in the field of food industry and there is the necessary infrastructure in this field for the benefit of food industry investors.

He added: “We will create a joint chapter between the Rafsanjan Special Economic Zone and the Agricultural organisation to collaborate much effectively.”

The CEO of Rafsanjan Special Economic Zone

In another part of his speech, Bahramshahi stated: The creation of a railway line for the region will take the surrounding cities out of the impasse.

The process of issuing licenses in special areas is a blessing for investors

Haji Abdollahi, director of the agricultural organisation in Rafsanjan city, also announced the issuance for livestock and greenhouse licenses by agricultural organisation and added: “We have 800 food industries; From processing pistachios to packing pistachios, cakes, cookies, etc., each of which has a special code that is filed in the engineering system and is referred to Kerman to obtain a license.

He added: “For investors outside the special economic zone, the necessary inquiries are obtained from natural resources, environment and food and medicine, but no inquiries are needed for special zones.”

According to Haji Abdullahi, the units licensed by the organisation enjoy of lessser electricity and gas tariffs.

source: ISNA