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The heat damaged the pistachio orchards of Rafsanjan

The director of Agricultural organization of Rafsanjan city reported heat damage in some pistachio cultivars such as Ahmad Aghaei, Koleghoochi, Hazelnut, Mumtaz and wrinkles in this city.

According to Hamshahri Online, quoting from Fars, Abbas Haj Abdollahi said about the overheating of pistachio orchards in Rafsanjan city:

In the current crop year, a significant increase in temperature above 37 degrees and its continuation has caused sun damage, heat and heat on the crop.

He added: “Types of damage caused by rising temperatures, including severe damage and complete burning of seeds or moderate damage in gardens with long irrigation cycle or high irrigation water ec has been observed more.

” Light soil texture and susceptible cultivars are also effective in the severity of damage and in Ahmad Aghaei and Koleghoochi cultivars a higher percentage of damage is evident.

Ahmad aghaei, jumbo and orchards with high EC level are among the most susceptible to damage by high seasonal temperature.

Pistachio cultivars which are susceptible to heat

Heat damage can also be seen in other cultivars such as hazelnut, premium and wrinkle,

the amount of damage was more in the upper and lower clusters of the tree that received more heat.

Source: hamshahrionline