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Pushal Saffron
Pushali saffron from Iran

Pushal saffron

Pushal saffron

Pushal Saffron is a type of saffron which has white color tail and popular for its cheaper price in comparison of Negin and Sargol.


Saffron is a plant which propagate by bulbs. The bulbs remain 7 to 10 years and more but its productivity decrease after 10 years.

The bulb has a brown layer (cover or skin form) outside of that.

It bear flower with three stigmas, the stigmas are saffron it has a full red part at the top and white-yellow tail.

If tthe cut contains that yellow tail it is pushali saffron.

Most of the consumers and vendor choose this part instead of other cut and believe there is less Freude because that is a full stigmas of tge plant and is much more beneficial.

Types of pushal saffron


The sstigmas is tiner and weaker because of soil’s condition and irrigation mostly ofter the proper irrigating time.

Another factor backs to the quality of bulbs which are smaller one.


Stigmas are thicker and higher coloring strength in comparison of the weak type.

High quality pushali saffron

In this type stigmas are the most thicker one which has tge least yellow tail and least amount of saffron pollen as well.


The price is cheaper than Negin and Sargol because it has that yellow tail (root) which is much more cheaper in comparison of the saffron it self.


  • Confectionery
  • Cocking
  • Ice cream
  • Juice

Diffrence of Sargol saffron and Pushal.

Sargol is whole red but the other one contains white root of stigmas.

is single and separated but the other form has three jointed stigmas.

is about 10-15% more expensive than the other type.


Characteristics of Pushal saffron.

  1. Less ticker in stigmas diameter.
  2. Less color strength.
  3. Cheaper than Negin and Sargol