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The head of the Jihad Agricultural Organization of Tehran province announced the increase of pistachio planting and harvesting in the southern lands of the province and said: now pistachio cultivation is flourishing in this region and a competitive product is produced from these lands.

Tehran Pistachio

According to Hamshahri Online, quoted by IRNA, Karim Zolfaghari said:

This year, 9617 hectares of lands in Varamin and Rey cities in the south of Tehran province have been planted with pistachios.

Pistachio cultivation in Tehran

He said that the pistachio harvest has started in mid-September and is in the final stage, adding: it is predicted that 9,500 tons of pistachios will be harvested from the southern lands of the province this year, which can be said that pistachio production in Tehran province has increased by more than 10%. .

The head of Agriculture Organization of the province declared the quality of pistachio product in Tehran province competitive with Rafsanjan pistachio and added:

only 10% of the capital pistachio reaches the fresh stage and 90% of this product after processing and packaging to other provinces and even neighboring countries Be issued.

According to Zolfaghari, pistachio cultivation in the southern lands of the province prevents the advance of the desert and optimal water consumption, and the policy of the Tehran Agricultural Organization is to develop the cultivation of this crop in the southern regions of the capital.