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Khorasan Razavi, Sabzevar Pistachios

Sabzevar – IRNA – Director of Agricultural organization of Khoshab city in western Khorasan Razavi said: the turnover of production, processing, and sale of pistachio products in this city has exceeded 12 thousand and 600 billion rials.

In an interview with IRNA on Tuesday, Ebrahim Rudsarabi added: “The financial resources obtained from the production of pistachios have created a good capacity for the development of agriculture and related industries in this city.”
He continued: “From the turnover of Khoshab pistachio production, three pistachio processing units worth more than 100 billion Rials have been launched this year and four more processing units are under construction.”

The director said: the entry of investors is necessary for the construction of processing units in the pistachio product packaging sectors, commercial and trade sectors.
Rudsarabi added: the quality of pistachio products and the transformation of pistachios in this city into one of the export hubs have been considered.

He added:

Khoshab city, with 12 thousand and 100 hectares of pistachio orchards, is ranked second in Khorasan Razavi-Iran in ​​terms of the area under cultivation of this product.

The director of Agricultural organization of city

The director of Jihad Keshavarzi of Khoshab city said:
There are 17 pistachio processing units in this city, and due to the area under pistachio cultivation, the development of processing units is felt.
Rudsarabi added: “Happy gardeners harvested 28,000 tons of pistachios this year from 7,200 hectares of fertile orchards in the city.”
He continued: The predominant cultivars of pistachio cultivated in Khoshab include Hazelnut, Koleghoochi, Akbari, Badami Sefid, Ouhadi, and Abbas Ali, among which the last three cultivars are the earliest.
Khoshab city with 36,000 hectares of fields and gardens, 225 deep and semi-deep wells, 265 aqueducts, and two permanent rivers is one of the agricultural hubs in western Khorasan Razavi.
Sultanabad, the center of the city of Khoshab with a population of 38,000, is located 175 km west of Mashhad.