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Production forecast of more than four thousand tons of pistachios in Qazvin province

Qazvin – IRNA – It is expected that 4,130 tons of pistachios will be harvested and produced from the orchards of this product in Qazvin province this year.

The horticultural director of Agriculture Organization of Qazvin province announced this news on Thursday:

the operation of harvesting pistachios from the area of ​​4,750 hectares of orchards in this province has begun.

Ali Akbari stated: of this amount, the area of ​​pistachio orchard in the province is about 3,820 hectares fertile and 930 hectares of seedlings.

The director of horticulture of Agricultural Organization of Qazvin province estimated the average yield of this product as one ton per hectare.

According to the official, there are currently 6 mechanized units for recording and processing pistachios in the province, as well as 950 traditional processing machines.

The horticulture director of Qazvin Agricultural Organization further referred to structural and improvement activities in pistachio orchards in the province and said:

water transfer using pipes and optimal use of water, artificial pollination by active gardeners, implementation of pistachio training classes in The level of Qazvin and Buin Zahra cities, the implementation of branch operations and the installation of pheromones and yellow and blue cards in order to control pests in Kermania have been the most important actions of this Qazvin Agricultural Jihad Organization regarding this product.

Akbari cultivars in Qazvin pistachio orchards include red pistachio, white pistachio, cal smiling, groceries and head cultivars and non-native pistachio cultivars include Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei and Ouhadi.

He pointed out: Qazvin pistachios are used in the field of export and food products, including nuts, nuts, confectionery and jam.

Qazvin province is ranked twelfth in pistachio production in the country.

Qazvin province pistachio production rank in Iran