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According to the North Khorasan Center Radio News Agency, the director of Agriculture Organization in Esfarayen city said:

Itis probable to harvest 2600 tons of pistachios from pistachio orchards in Esfarayen, IRAN. IRIB

Faezeh Tajabadi added: Esfarayen city with 4,834 hectares has the highest area of pistachio production in the province.

Tajabadi said: “Pistachio cultivation is a long-term investment and it is necessary for farmers to build a pistachio orchard with accurate knowledge of the ecological needs and climatic conditions of the region and technical and economic justification.”

The average production of pistachios in Esfarayen is 1,388 kg per hectare.

Every year, 2,615 tons of pistachios are produced from the fertile orchards of Esfarayen.

Esfarayen pistachio cultivars include Koleghoochi, Ouhadi, Ahmad Aghaei, Akbari, Sefid Badami and Abbas Ali.

Pistachio varieties in Esfarayen, Khorasan, Iran

Pistachio harvest in North Khorasan begins in the second half of September.