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Pistachios harvesting in Damghan and Rafsanjan

Orchardists started harvesting fresh pistachios 15 days earlier each year from the gardens of Damghan city.


According to the Semnan Radio and Television News Agency, there are 15,600 hectares of pistachio orchards in Damghan city, of which 1,000 hectares are seedlings. This year, gardeners started harvesting pistachios two weeks earlier due to climate change and hot weather. Agriculture and horticulture organization said: “The average harvest of pistachios is 3 tons per hectare and it is predicted that 50,000 tons of pistachios will be harvested this year.” He said that Shahpasand and local cultivars are among the cultivars of early pistachios: 20% of the pistachios produced are fresh and sent to the cities of the country and the rest are dried in 50 processing units. The lack of water in the pistachio crop has caused 150 hectares to be added to the gardens of Damghan city annually.

Average harvest of pistachios is 3 tons per hectare and 20% of the pistachios produced are fresh and sent to the cities of the country and the rest are dried in 50 processing units.

Agriculture and horticulture organization of Kerman

45,000 tons of pistachios were harvested in Damghan

Ali Asghar Emamyon said: “The harvest of pistachios in Damghan orchards and its doubling is due to last year’s annual harvest.”

He stated that the pistachio harvest has started this year in the orchards of the city since the beginning of August, adding: this city has 16 thousand and 900 hectares of pistachio gardens in different areas, including the suburbs, Euphrates, Amirabad, and Damankuh, of which 15 thousand hectares orchards are bearing crops.

The pistachios of the city are mostly, Shah Pasand, Khanjari, Abbas Ali, and Farokhi and other commercial cultivars such as Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, and Koleghoochi have been developed as migrants in the region, which according to the compatibility and economic conditions of the cultivar.


Indoor is the gardeners’ approach to developing or improving their gardens. He pointed out: collecting early pistachios and supplying them fresh in domestic and foreign markets is one of the prominent features of the city, which in addition to rapid financial turnover, causes more employment. Emamion continued: This year, 3,500 tons of chemical fertilizers of urea, phosphate, and potassium have been prepared from the distribution centers of the Support Services Company and the Rural Cooperative Organization located in different areas and distributed among 5,500 farmers (gardeners) of Damghan pistachios. He said: Coordination to attract mechanization facilities, guidance and guidance of users to attract facilities, coordination to implement water and soil projects, basic leveling, the road between farms, repair of canals and canals, water, soil, and The plant is another service of this management to evaluate the nutritional status of diseases and pests and other factors affecting crop performance.

The director of the agricultural organization of Damghan city said: In this city, 115 pistachio processing terminals are operating in different areas and more than 50% of the product is processed and supplied annually.

Damghan city is one of the first habitats of pistachios in the world and old trees are a sign of this problem in some areas. This history has caused the culture and knowledge of gardening in this city to remain from the past and improve. 35% of Damghan’s employment is in agriculture, in which 5,000 gardeners and farmers work.

Reduction of pistachio crop in Rafsanjan

According to the Kerman Radio and Television News Agency; The governor of Rafsanjan, pointing out that 65,000 tons of pistachios were harvested from the city’s orchards last year, said: “This year, the production of this product has decreased by 40 to 50 percent compared to the previous year.”

Referring to the beginning of pistachio harvest in the coming days, Majid Fassihi Harandi added: “Last year, more than 80,000 hectares were under pistachio cultivation in this city. Compared to the previous year. He added: “Accommodation monitors, as well as pistachio processing terminals, are inspected daily to control coronavirus infection and prevent the spread of corona disease.” Fassihi Harandi stated that the number of workers used in these orchards was 25,000 per day last year and equal to one million during the same period during two months. Specify in cities and villages.