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Pistachio smart sorter machine.

The country’s researchers succeeded in designing and manufacturing a smart pistachio sorter.

According to the Mehr news agency, quoting the University of Tehran Science and Technology Park, Mohammad Reza Farhanak, CEO of a knowledge-based company based in the University of Tehran Science and Technology Park, said: “Sorter product is part of the conversion industry; In the conversion industry, the product that has reached the pricing stage is divided into two parts, the more valuable and the less valuable, with the help of a device. In fact, with a simple conversion and process, added value is added to the product and ultimately more revenue is generated for the manufacturer.
Explaining the value proposition of the sorter product, Farhanak said: “Increasing the quality, tonnage and speed are the characteristics of the sorter product.” By using this product, food standards can be guaranteed and the credibility of the production of the country’s agricultural industry can be questioned.
The CEO of Danesh Bonyan Company added: “We started designing and producing the sorter machine focusing on pistachios as a special product of Iran.” In this device, artificial intelligence is used to separate and classify this grain.
He emphasized that the sorter device can be used for other products as well: by using the sorter device, the separation and classification process can be done more accurately and intelligently. Providing appropriate services to the manufacturer and competitive price are other advantages of this device.
Farhanak called the smart sorters market a new market and said: “This product is growing and has just been introduced to the market.” Creating a new market for smart sorters has made it difficult to determine the market share of this product.
He added: The process and output of color sorters available in the market are different from the smart sorter device. Ordinary sorters classify based on color or a simple characteristic. But the company’s smart sorters use artificial intelligence algorithms to validate products for segregation and classification.

Emphasizing that new technologies should be explained to customers so that they feel the need and realize the importance of the product, Farhanak said: “Manufacturers of agricultural products and nuts and activists in the field of grain sorting are customers Are considered smart. Putting this knowledge together with the agricultural industry can lead to a great synergy.

Referring to the diversity in the production of various sorters, he said: “Currently, pistachio sorters have reached commercialization and are available in the market.”

This technology activist considered receiving the initial idea of ​​designing and producing pistachio sorters from the market as a good event and said: the cooperation of one of the pistachio producers in this direction led to better identifying the market needs, having organic growth for the company and creating synergy .

Farhanak mentioned the existence of numerous challenges, especially in the path of business growth, and added: “The challenges in the path of business growth are of the company’s need for growth.” The need for capital, manpower, the need to create a market and work space are among these challenges.

He considered the establishment of the University of Tehran Science and Technology Park as a support and said: “The University of Tehran Science and Technology Park has helped the growth of the company by playing the role of facilitator and providing a workshop space.”

Source: Mehr news