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A knowledge-based company succeeded in designing and manufacturing pistachio processing machines.

According to the news and quoting the Vice President for Science and Technology, Kerman Premium Industries Company put the design and manufacture of pistachio processing machines on its agenda automatically.

The company has designed and manufactured various machines to increase pistachio harvesting efficiency in recent years. According to Mr. Shahsavari, CEO of the company, Industries developed two stages of manufacturing its machinery and presented various ideas and inventions in the field of pistachio processing machinery.

The company has so far registered several patents in this field.

A new way and technology to process pistachio

According to him, machines for separating clusters and leaves from pistachios, pistachio crushers for easier peeling, peeling fresh pistachios, separating hollow pistachios, light skin and small clusters, evaporating surface moisture of pistachios, separating unpeeled pistachios from peeled pistachios are among the products of this company.

Cleaning the dust and particle separators inside pistachios, separators of fine and substandard pistachios, hot air supply devices for dehumidifiers, dryers and roasters of pistachios, separation of smiling pistachios from closed mouths, and wind machine production machines in seasons where there is a risk of frost Another product is the knowledge of the company.