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Sadr Purkousari, director of Meybod agricultural organization.

said: out of 300 hectares of pistachio cultivation, 200 hectares are fertile.

He added:

“Farmers are expected to harvest 800 tons of pistachios this year.”

The official continued:

“Although the pistachio tree is low in water and can be irrigated from salt water, but Meybodi farmers still face irrigation problems.”

Sadr Pourkousari stated: Due to the 25% reduction in the water discharge of wells, according to the policies of the Ministry of Energy, 25% of the pistachio cultivation area will be destroyed.

He said: “If the water shortage continues, it is possible for the pistachio orchards to be irrigated for one to two months.

The director of Keshavarzi organization of Meybod stated:

If a person invests in the discussion of pistachio processing, he will be provided with very good subsidized facilities so that he does not need to go to other cities to process pistachios.

The official said: The main cultivars of pistachio in Meybod are native almonds and hazelnuts, of course, there are other market-friendly cultivars such as Ouhadi, Ahmad Aghaei and Akbari that farmers are advised to develop native cultivars that are climate adaptable and resistant to pests