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More than half of the orchards in Qom province are dedicated to pistachio cultivation, and it is expected that 4,000 tons of this crop will be harvested in Qom.

According to the Radio and Television News Agency; Qom Center , Muslim Ebrahimi, Deputy of Horticultural Production of Agricultural Organization of the province, said: Considering that pistachio cultivation has a good added value for farmers, half of the 23,000 hectares of orchards in the province have been dedicated to pistachio cultivation.

Referring to the compatibility of pistachio trees with the salinity of water and soil in the province, he added: “The amount of pistachio harvest is different in different years and usually one year a year pistachio trees are high and one year is low, in general, we can say 800 kg of pistachios per hectare It is harvested dry.

September and October are the right time to harvest this crop in Qom, and during this period, farmers harvest different varieties of pistachios from the orchards of the province.

Ebrahimi said: Ahmad Aghaei, Akbari, Fandooghi and Kaleghoochi pistachio cultivars are among the quality cultivars that are planted in the gardens of the province and have their own customers due to their suitable taste.

Referring to some environmental problems in pistachio production, he said: Heavy rains in the spring disrupt the pollination of pistachio trees, as well as heat and severe frost threatens the pistachio orchards of the province, which is necessary to reduce potential damage to the necessary training users. Learn in this regard and take the necessary actions in a timely manner.

Pistachio harvest will continue until the end of October, and it is expected that 4,000 tons of pistachios will be harvested from the orchards of Qom.