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Ilam – The head of agricultural organization of Ilam province, referring to the prosperity of pistachio cultivation in the province, said: pistachio harvest has started in 162 hectares of orchards in Ilam.

According to the bazaar, quoting the public relations of Ilam Agricultural organization, Mohammad Ali Aghdasi stated:

Currently, there are 162 hectares of pistachio orchards in Ilam, of which more than one third of this amount or 40 hectares, is located in Sirvan city and has caused job growth in this region. Is.

Referring to the beginning of pistachio harvest in Sirvan city, he said:

the presence of Kermani gardeners and the use of their experiences as well as the expansion of water pumping stations is a promise for the development of these orchards in Sirvan.

Aqdasi stated:

it is predicted that one ton of crop will be harvested from hectares under pistachio cultivation.

Pistachio harvest in ilam is being done

The head of the organization of Ilam province, pointing out that a total of more than 30 tons of pistachios are harvested in the province, added:

in order to develop high quality pistachio cultivation, water supply projects to Sirvan plain and Halilan plain have been carried out on a large scale.

He continued:

In recent years, most of the pistachio trees in the orchards of the province have been transplanted by employing experienced people and according to the climatic conditions of the areas under pistachio cultivation in the province and the main orchards of the province are of two types of pistachios Ahmad Aghaei and Akbari.

source of the news: tahlilbazaar