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Jajarm city Iranian pistachios

The director of Jajarm agricultural organization about jajarm pistachio said:

1500 hectares of Jajarm farms are under cultivation of pistachios orchards, of which 500 hectares are fruitful and 750 tons of dried pistachios are produced annually for gardeners.

Jajarm pistachio orchards

Abolfazl Abbasian in an interview referring to the pistachio harvest season in the city, said:

Jajarm city has high quality pistachio cultivation due to favorable weather conditions.

He added: “Due to the existence of old trees for several years, the upward trend of pistachios cultivation in the city began in 1998, and now 1500 hectares of farms have been planted with pistachio orchards, of which 500 hectares are fertile and bear 750 tons of pistachios annually.

Dried pistachios are produced by gardeners.

The director of the organization of Jajarm city stated:

currency exchange, job creation, increasing the added value of agricultural wells, optimal water consumption are some of the things that farmers are very eager to establish pistachio orchards.

Source of the news: farsnews