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Pistachio harvest began from small Neyriz orchards. Production forecast of 10 thousand tons of product

The director of agricultural organization of Neyriz city about Neyriz pistachio orchards said:

the pistachio harvest started from 11,000 hectares of Neyriz orchards.

Alireza Basiri, director of agricultural organization of Neyriz, in an interview with a reporter from Shiraz Provinces Group of the Young Journalists Club, referring to the start of pistachio harvest from 11,000 hectares of Neyriz orchards, said:

It is expected that this year about 10,000 tons of pistachios from orchards Reed city to be harvested.

He continued by stating that Neyriz has been the center of pistachio in Fars province this city has 12,000 hectares of pistachios, of which 1,000 hectares are non-productive.

The director of agricultural organization of Neyriz city stated:

20% of the pistachios produced are harvested and sold and the rest of the product will be exported to domestic and foreign markets after being processed by 17 pistachio terminals in the city.

Basiri, pointing out that different pistachio cultivars in Neyriz city include Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, Koleghoochi and Ouhadi.

added: Pistachio harvest in this city has started on September 6 and will continue for a month.

He said: “Considering the potentials in different areas of Neyriz for pistachio production, due to the decrease in groundwater level and its quality in recent years, many farmers have started to produce pistachio orchards to produce this product.”

The official said:

Despite the untimely rains at the time of pollination, severe temperature fluctuations and heatstroke this year; Due to the transfer of new agricultural findings from the experts of this management to farmers, such as proper nutrition, timely pruning and non-chemical pest control, we have faced a decrease in annual yield and a 14% increase in yield compared to last year.

He added: “In recent years, the production of healthy and certified products has been on the agenda of this management, so that this year the first license to use the mark of pistachio pollutants in Fars province in Neyriz for Mahmoud Khazaei garden of the city’s typical pistachio, in 25 hectares were issued.

In the end, the director emphasized the need to complete the production chain of this product in the city and specified:

Currently, the lack of pistachio farmers’ cooperatives and shopping centers in the city has caused pistachios to be sent to neighboring provinces such as Kerman and exported to them. If this problem is solved and by creating conversion and packaging industries in the city, the processed products will be exported to foreign markets with the mark of the region where the product is produced, and as a result, gardeners will benefit from the added value of this product.

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source of the news: yjc