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Salmas Pistachio Gardens

Urmia – IRNA – Director of Salmas Agricultural organization, noting that pistachio harvest has begun in the gardens of this city, said: the amount of pistachio harvest in this city has doubled compared to last year and it is expected to harvest four tons this year.

In an interview with IRNA on Saturday, Davood Haj Shahvoldi stated: “The pistachio harvest has started in mid-September and will continue until next month.”

He pointed out that Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei and Koleghoochi cultivars are among the most important cultivars of pistachios cultivated in Salmas.

The director of Salmas Agricultural organization said: considering that there are no processing industries for this product in the city, farmers sell them directly at a price of about 600,000 Rials($2 usd).

Shahvoldi added: Pistachio cultivation in Salmas orchards has started in 1390 in Khan Minas village and due to the growth status of pistachio trees to the relative salinity of the soil, the quality of pistachio fruits is good.

He added: “Also, in order to encourage farmers in areas with saline soil, 12,680 round pistachio seedlings have been distributed among farmers.”

12 cultivars of the country’s top cultivars, which are under the supervision of the Research Center of the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture, are cultivated in Salmas, and the cultivation of this crop leads to optimal water management, production stability, increasing farmers’ incomes and economic prosperity.