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Kerman – IRNA – According to the governor of Zarand, the pistachio farmers of this city will generate $8 million USD of income this year by forecasting the production of 7,000 tons of pistachios.

Ali Sadeghzadeh in an interview with a reporter on Saturday added:

“Due to the heavy load of pistachio trees this year, the production of farmers in Zarand this year is 7,000 tons of pistachios from 35,700 hectares of fruitful orchards.”He said:

“Based on the turnover, each kilo of pistachios sells for five dollars, which can be a very good currency for the country.

“The governor of Zarand asked the farmers of Zarand city: considering that the pistachio crop needs a lot of water, saving and optimal use of water should be among the priorities of farmers and they should seek new irrigations.

Regarding pressurized irrigation for pistachio orchards in Zarand, he added: “More than five thousand hectares of lands in this city have pressurized irrigation, but we must try to bring new irrigation to at least over 50% of orchards.”Sadeghzadeh, stating that in Zarand city, instead of quantity, the quality of pistachio product should be increased, said: we should try to abandon quantity and pay attention to the quality of the product and orchards.

He continued:

“If we come to dry half of the orchards and work on the quality of other orchards, we can harvest better and more in the same proportion, so we must move in this field.”

The governor of Zarand stated: “

Considering the investment field that has been created in the city and the steel by-products industry, which is a very effective and profitable industry, our request to gardeners and farmers who have income from selling the product is that in the side industries of factories.”

Invest and we support them in every way.

He pointed out:

Zarand is a land and a golden opportunity for investment and local investors should use these opportunities.The governor of Zarand added:

“If farmers do not invest in this field, they may regret it later, because one day the orchards may run out and dry up, but the industry will not run out.”Zarand city is located 75 km north of the center of Kerman province.