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harvesting 14,000 tons of medicinal plants

Khorramabad – Referring to the development of pistachio tree planting in this province, the head of Lorestan Agricultural Organization said: 14,000 tons of medicinal plants will be harvested in Lorestan.

Pistachio cultivation in Lorestan Iran, According to the Mehr correspondent, Esfandiar Hassani Moghaddam told reporters today, Wednesday.

referring to the capacity of medicinal plants in Lorestan: “Climatic conditions and favorable weather have caused Lorestan to have a suitable capacity for growing medicinal plants.”

Planting medicinal plants at the level of 10 thousand hectares

He added: about 3,000 hectares of medicinal plants are available in the province so far, from which 14,000 tons of crops.

The head of Lorestan Agricultural Organization, referring to the significant diversity of cultivation and production of medicinal plants, said:

“With this capacity and appropriate context and with the plans made, such as the formation of the Medicinal Plants Cultivation Development Headquarters, the area under cultivation of medicinal plants include in a five-year plan To increase to 10,000 hectares.”

Hosni Moghaddam stated:

Part of the cost of planting and subsidies for reproductive organs to provide the beneficiaries by the Agricultural Organization of Lorestan Province.

We will also introduce farmers who want to cultivating medicinal plants to the Agricultural Bank to receive banking facilities.

“Cultivation of medicinal plants has a very good economic justification,” he said.

“One hectare of cultivation of medicinal plants provides for a family, so we have put the development of cultivation of medicinal plants on the agenda.”

Development of pistachio tree planting in LorestanIn

another part of his speech, the head of Lorestan Agricultural Organization announced that pistachio trees planted in the Zagros Botanical Garden in Khorramabad are fertile and have a very good yield.

adding: “So far, about 300 hectares of pistachio trees have been planted in the province.

but still They have not bear fruit, but due to the good adaptation of the pistachio tree to the climatic conditions of the province.

we intend to develop the cultivation of this tree in Lorestan.

Agriculture organization of Lorestan

Hassani Moghaddam said that due to better and more economic performance and also less water requirement of organization pistachio trees than other trees, we will develop the cultivation of this species in Lorestan province.

The head of the Lorestan Agricultural Organization stated: “Since the pistachio tree must be planted inside the scion garden after planting the seedlings.

two adaptation gardens have been built to provide the scion for gardeners in the province, and different scion cultivars will be given to gardeners free of charge.

in order to increase the technical knowledge of gardeners, the necessary technical and specialized training is provided to gardeners so that I can build good and economical gardens