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The Physical Market Development Department of Iran Commodity Exchange announced the opening of the first warehouse of smiling natural pistachios of Khandan Badami for commodity deposit certificate transactions from Monday, October 5th. In this announcement, it has been stated that from Monday, the almond pistachio warehouse of Zarrin Saffron Company of Mashreq Zamin Company has been activated and the transactions symbol of the commodity deposit certificate of ۳۰-۲۸مه ولات۰۰۰۸(پ)(پست۰۰۰۸پ۰۹ related to this warehouse, in the stock exchange Commodity will begin.

According to the published announcement, the product delivered to the warehouse must be the natural dried pistachio of smiling pistachio produced in 1399, and the warehouse will not accept the product produced in previous years.

The amount of each commodity deposit certificate is 1 kg and in order to receive the goods from the warehouse, it is necessary to present at least 100 kg of commodity deposit certificate by the owner.

Minimum amount of iranian pistachio deposit and lot size for pistachios in Iran commodity market.

In case of ownership less than this amount, it is necessary to purchase the necessary deposit certificate until the mentioned weight is delivered by the applicant in the trading market of pistachio deposit certificate in the commodity exchange. Delivery of the product in excess of the mentioned amount is also based on a multiple of 50 kg.According to this announcement, the maturity of the warehouse is November 2021, and the last trading day of the created symbol is November 10 2021

after which the transactions for the delivery and settlement process with the warehouse will be stopped Information about orders and transaction prices is available to the public in the “Commodity Exchange” section of the “Deposit Certificate” section at

Also, the details of supply, transaction, storage and delivery conditions of smiling natural almonds are given in the following link:

English copy will be uploaded soon after translation