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Ohadi Pistachio



Ohadi Pistachio is One of the most common commercial cultivars of pistachio and selected between 1320 to 1330 in the Fath Abad village of Rafsanjan by Mahdi Ohadi. 

Ohadi with Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio, Akbari and Jumbo is among most famous pistachio varieties.

It is a very famous and suitable cultivar for planting in most regions where pistachio has expanded greatly over the past 50 years. 

About 60 to 70 percent of Rafsanjan’s pistachio cultivation belongs to this cultivar. 

The clusters form in sprays and is available all over the tree. Due to the length of the main axis of the cluster, harvesting by hand (non-mechanized harvesting) is easy.

Morphological properties:

The fruit is hazelnut-shape and round The tree growth is medium and has a wide crown and the leaves are simple (very few).

complex and the majority of the complex leaves have three leaflets and the terminal leaflets are larger than the lateral leaflets. 

The skin is green and has a medium texture which will turn dark purple when ripe.

Phenological properties:

 In terms of flowering its medium and in Rafsanjan conditions, the flowering will occur from 15 to 26 of April.

The leaves of this cultivar begin to grow about 2 days before flowering and will continue until April 27.

Rapid nut growth begins on July 10 to 20 and is at the end of August, which is about 39 to 45 days.

This cultivar harvests in the first decade of September and in this regard, it is one of the cultivars with fast ripening speed. 

The fruit will begin to ripen from the tip and the ripe fruit has a dark purple color.

The fruit is vulnerable during ripening and birds and ants can deal a lot of damage to this product.

Quantitative and qualitative characteristics of Ohadi Pistachio:

The average dry yield of 12- to 16-year-old trees in Rafsanjan conditions is 1745 grams per tree, the number of seeds per ounce is 28 to 29 seeds, the amount of openings is 28 to 29 percent and the amount of blank fruits is 21 to 22 percent.

From every 100 grams of dried fruit, 56 to 57 grams of nut.

The protein content of the nut is 3.20% and its fat content is 9.52%. It is average In terms of biennial bearing.

It should be noted that ounce traits, percentage of open fruits.

percentage of blank fruits, as well as the percentage of protein and fat.

the nut, can change under the influence of garden management (irrigation, nutrition, pest control and pollination).

The fat and protein percentage can also base on the timing of harvest.

delays in harvest increase the fat percentage and reduce the protein percentage in the nut.

Other features of Ohadi Pistachio:

Has an extreme terminal dominance.

Therefore, the formation of sub-branches limits to a few.

the growth of the terminal bud will increase and as a result, the distance between the tip of the branch and the center of the tree will increase.

In regions where the thermal need of the cultivar during the growth season is not good.

the color of the soft outer shell will not change and will remain green but it separates from the shell.

This cultivar is one of the cultivars which has the highest amount of green shell cracks.

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