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Meybod pistachio harvest increased 30%

The director of Agricultural organization of of Meybod city announced a 30% increase in pistachio harvest from the gardens of this city.

In an interview with ISNA, “Sadr Purkousari” while announcing this news, clarified: this year’s pistachio harvest in Meybod city is better than last year and according to the average pistachio harvest of 1.5 tons per hectare, a total of 1800 tons is expected Dried pistachios should be harvested from city gardens.

According to the director of the city’s Agriculture, there are a total of 1,350 hectares of pistachio orchards in the city, of which 1,200 hectares are fertile.

1800 pistachio orchards are in Meybod

Number oof pistachio orchards in Meybod Iran

He stated that the suitable climatic conditions of the city have increased the pistachio crop by 30% this year, noting that the native cultivars of the city are in a better situation this year than the non-native cultivars such as Akbari.

Purkosari named the most important native pistachio cultivars of Meybod city as Koleghoochi, Badami and Hazelnut and said:

the main export product of pistachio of the city is related to native cultivars which are more resistant and have better taste due to compatibility with the city environment.In the end, the director of Keshavarzi organization of the city advised the farmers that due to the resistance of local cultivars to climatic conditions and pests, they should make efforts to develop the cultivation of these cultivars in order to have the highest profitability from cultivating this crop for the least damage.

Source of the news : ISNA