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Today, in an interview with reporters, Ali Sayadi announced the total area of ​​fruit and non-fruit pistachio orchards in this city as 357 hectares and stated:

of this amount, about 135 hectares are rain and 222 hectares are non-fruit.

He announced the predominant cultivars of pistachios in Marand city as Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, Keramati, Koleghoochi, Ouhadi and… which have good quality and marketability and added:

due to harmful factors such as lack of inoculation due to coincidence with rain, hail and cold In the spring of this year, we had a 40% reduction in production, and the city’s production forecast for 2020 is about 81 tons, with a yield of 600 kg per hectare.

Deputy Chairman of the Organization and Director of Agriculture Organization of Marand Special City, stating that pistachio harvest in Marand city starts from mid-September and continues until the end of October, added:

Development of pistachio cultivation area in Marand city is one of the priorities of this management Pistachio cultivation should increase to about 20 hectares in 2030.

The director of the organization of Marand city pointed to the water restrictions of the region and soil salinity, which eliminates the possibility of developing other agricultural products: Farmers should understand the limitations of cultivating irrigated crops and replace their traditional methods with new agricultural methods. To change the cultivation pattern.

The fishing engineer reminded:

if the water needed for agriculture is supplied from another basin and the water of Aras river to the basin of this city, the amount of cultivated area of ​​this crop will increase significantly.

He went on to point out that pistachio cultivation has started in a special way in the city and during the last 10 years this has been seriously expanding more than before, he said:

One of the main missions of Agriculture organization is to change the cultivation pattern in order to use water resources optimally And the use of plant species is more resistant to water shortage conditions in the region, based on which the development of pistachio cultivation is on the agenda of this management.

Sayadi about Marand pistachio production specified:

the pistachio product of the city is processed by a mechanized pistachio recording terminal and a number of home peeling machines.

Marand city has the first rank in pistachio production in the northwest of the country.

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