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Khoshab gardeners in Khorasan Razavi province harvested 28,000 tons of pistachios more than 7,200 hectares of fertile gardens in this city this year.

According to Sabzevar News, the director of Khoshab Agricultural organization said: this city with 12 thousand and 100 hectares of pistachio orchards is one of the production centers of this product in Khorasan Razavi. Ebrahim Rudsarabi added: “Heavy rains and suitable weather conditions this year led to an increase in yield per unit area, so that about four tons of produce was produced per hectare of fragrant pistachio orchards.” Referring to the activities of 17 pistachio processing units in Khoshab city, he continued: This city has a lot of employment-generating capacity in the field of agriculture, especially pistachio production.

The predominant cultivars of pistachio cultivated in Khoshab include round, Koleghoochi, Akbari, Badami Sefid, Ouhadi and Abbas Ali,

The director of Khoshab Agricultura

among which the last three cultivars are the earliest cultivars. Khoshab city with 36,000 hectares of fields and gardens, 225 deep and semi-deep wells, 265 aqueducts and two permanent rivers is one of the agricultural hubs in western Khorasan Razavi. Sultanabad, the center of the 38,000-strong city of Khoshab, is located 175 km west of Mashhad.