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Kerman pistachio

Abbas Hajoabdollahi, director of Agricultural organization of Rafsanjan, said:

“The official pistachio harvest in Rafsanjan will start this year on September 11, with the majority of owners and smallholders usually starting the harvest on the first of October.”

He stated that the highest amount of pistachio harvest according to the cultivar and the status of water resources in Nogh region and the lowest amount of harvest in Kabutarkhan.

Hajj Abdollahi added:

The harvest of pistachios (green kernels) usually begins in mid-August and this year in 500 hectares the harvest of cranberries (green kernels) was done.

He stated that the length of the harvest period is 45 to 60 days and specified: we need 25,000 to 30,000 workers daily to harvest.

The director of the organization in Rafsanjan asked the farmers to harvest their crops as soon as possible, because the delay in harvesting will increase the aflatoxin of pistachios.

Haj Abdollahi stated:

with rapid harvesting, in addition to reducing aflatoxin, the trees will also be released sooner and the buds will fall less.

He stressed the implementation of health instructions by farmers and workers and said:

“Due to the spread of the coronavirus, if these procedures are not implemented, Rafsanjan will face a disease crisis in the coming months.”

Hajj Abdollahi, stating that this year Ahmad-Aghaei and Akbari cultivars have the highest yield, added: “Koleghoochi cultivar had a significant amount before the heat of August, but unfortunately now it has the most damage and has caused the crop to not reach the level we expected in the city.” .

He also pointed about Kerman pistachio to the supply of the product in the market and specified: the sudden supply of the product in the market causes the demand for purchase to decrease and the supply and demand system to disrupt, so farmers have to market their product over several months to The price stays reasonable.

Source of the news : yjc