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Kalleh Ghochi Jumbo Pistachio

Kalleh Ghochi Jumbo

Kalleh Ghochi-Jumbo


Kalleh Ghochi Jumbo is one of the major commercial cultivars in Dehno village in Rafsanjan also Ahmad Aghaei and Akbari is another one

Haj Ali Sharifi is the founder and for this reason, the second name of that is Haj Sharifi. 

Its main areas of development are Kerman province and it is available in other provinces of the country.

Morphological properties:

The large size of the fruit and its good yield have made it famous and widespread.

The fruits are hazelnut-shape, larger, and have a higher percentage of half-cracked fruits than Ohadi. Trees have stronger, thicker branches than Ohadi trees.

This cultivar is more sensitive to lack of water and nutrients.

in such cases, it suffers from sunburn and dryness of the branches.

The growth power of the tree is medium and has a broad crown.

simple, compound leaves, most of which are compound 5-leaflet leaves and the terminal leaflet is larger than the lateral leaflets.

Phenological properties:

In terms of flowering, it is an early-flowering variety and its flowering in Rafsanjan conditions lasts from 7 to 21 of April.

The leaves of this cultivar grow about 2 to 3 days after flowering and usually lasts until the end of April.

Due to early flowering, it is more at risk of spring frost damage, and in cold areas with a history of spring frosts.

Rapid nut growth begins on July 10 to 20 and complete by the end of August, which is about 39 to 45 days.

This cultivar harvests in the second decade of September and in this regard, it is one of the cultivars with average ripening speed.

The fruit starts to ripen at the tip and the soft skin turns gray-red when ripe.

Quantitative and qualitative characteristics:

The average dry yield of 12- to 16-year-old trees in Rafsanjan conditions is 2222 grams per tree, the number of seeds per ounce is 24 to 25 seeds.

From every 100 grams of dried fruit (nut with boney shell) 55 grams of nut.

The protein content of the nut is 2.20 % and its fat content is 4.49 %. In terms of biennial bearing, it is average and lower than Ahmad Aghaii, Ohadi and Akbari.

Ounce traits, percentage of open fruits and percentage of blank fruits, as well as the percentage of protein and fat in the nut.

change under the influence of garden management (irrigation, nutrition, pest control and pollination) and to some extent, environmental conditions.

The fat and protein percentage can also base on the timing of harvest, and delays in harvest increase the fat percentage and reduce the protein percentage in the nut.

Special features of Kalleh Ghochi, Jumbo:

In order to obtain a suitable, sufficient and high-quality product, implant operations (irrigation, fertilization, pest and disease control) is necessary.

Otherwise, a large percentage of the product will be blank and with half-nuts or half-crack.

This cultivar naturally has a terminal dominance and the ability to produce more lateral branches than the single is higher than Ohadi.

Seedlings of this cultivar are resistant to toxicity.

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