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Journal of pistachios 2022 edition

Journal of pistachios 2022-cover
Journal of pistachios 2022-cover

Journal of pistachios 2022 edition

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A healthy diet is the most important
factor for a happy life. nowadays,
more and more producers are
using ORGANIC farming methods to
increase the quality of the products
and boost their competence in
comparison to their counterparts
although it is essential to offer
affordable products to attract more
customers it seems standards and
quality controls in the food industry
are what defines who will be the
next winner of the consumers’
preference competition.
While some argue that ESG has
created a bunch of constraints for
businesses; but, this new concept
is going to be a part of the future
business environment both for
producers and consumers.
customers’ expectancy force the
cultivators to shift to the new
paradigm of farming and quality

control concepts.
barriers when it comes to consumer satisfaction. we in EBTOR
are dedicated to buying the freshest products directly from
local producers and farmers to enhance the local economy
and encourage producers to use ESG in their farms.
We have brought you a wide range of choices of Nuts, Dried
fruits,and is not enough to involve in wholesale activities
but the most important sector is the retail and e-commerce.
hence, we extend our business in the household sector so they
can choose the product they want simply by clicking on the
products they want.
At the beginning of each fiscal year, in EBTOR’s annual meeting
we discuss how to alleviate our standards from production to
the door-to-door delivery stage. we believe that the customer’s
feedback is the bible of important information that guarantees
the existence of a company.
all the managers, directors and clerks in our company waiting
impassionately to know your valuable feedback. please do not
hesitate to contact us and let us know your experience of using
our brand.