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What is Ironed saffron.

Saffron is drying manually or by special machineries.

Ironed Negin saffron (Atoi, utoi or utui) indicates to a type of saffron which is different in type of drying the spices which has an alonged style and higher in quality and coloring power.

This kind of saffron has fantasy shape and the price is higher as well(in average (30-40% higher than typical Negin)

There are different types of saffron that few people are familiar with all these models of saffron.

Negin Atoi or (Ironed Negin Saffron) saffron is one of these saffron models.

This saffron is mostly known to people who are active in the field of saffron exports (especially exports to China).

The Chinese have a great desire for Torbat Heydariyeh’s Negin Atoi saffron and are willing to spend more money on it.

Negin Atoi saffron is definitely one of the best saffrons for export.

Ironed Negin saffron or Atoi or utoi or utui

Fotunately the farmers of Torbat Heydariyeh have been able to produce well.

Negin iron has different models that make their prices start from 12,000 Tomans per gram and reach up to 16,000 Tomans per gram(2019-2020).

Negin Torbat Heydariyeh saffron is one of the most popular saffrons in Iran.

But Negin Otoi, with its beautiful and charming appearance, is great for export to some countries, especially China.

But before we talk about how to buy Negin Atoi saffron, it is better to explain a little about this saffron and explain what Negin Atoi saffron is.

Is Ironed or Atoi saffron suitable for export?

There are many people who want to export saffron.

But they are not familiar with the types of saffron they can export.

They think that super negin saffron export quality (because of the word ‘export’) is the best saffron for their work, which of course is not a very wrong interpretation.

But what is very important is the preference of saffron customers!

Negin Atoi saffron in comparison of super Negin, does not have the coloring power, but its smooth and beautiful appearance makes some saffron customers prefer Atini Negin to Super Negin.

Coloring and shape of ironed vs super Negin saffron

There are other foreign customers who are mostly looking for Iranian Dokhtar Pich saffron.

Because the twisted girl is a saffron that can not be counterfeited at all, and saffron is extremely authentic.

This saffron is used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes in some countries.

What is Negin Atoi saffron?

Saffron stigma is delicate and fragile, and the presence of saffron flowers takes great care of this valuable Iranian spice.

The product that the farmer collects from his land is saffron flowers, not saffron itself.

Each saffron flower has 3 branches of saffron that must be separated from the flower.

Saffron is moist as long as it is in the saffron flower, and this saffron is not a saffron that can be used.

For this reason, these saffrons need to be dried after being separated from the saffron flower.

There are several ways to dry saffron, manually and by machine.

If the saffron is dried by hand, since this process is done completely by hand, it is very likely that the saffron branch is not completely smooth and various depressions are seen in it (while the smoothness of saffron is one of the important export criteria for Some countries are like China).

For this reason, use a machine to dry saffron.

Saffron that is dried with a machine is considered a smoother and more beautiful saffron, which is called Negin Atoi.

Atoi or Ironed Negin saffron
Casual saffron

Price and purchase of Negin Atoi saffron
There are different types of ironed saffron that make them have different prices.

price of saffron is determined by 4 important factors.

  1. The smoothness of the saffron.
  2. the largeness of the saffron body (the upper side of each saffron branch, which is larger and wider than the lower part).
  3. color of saffron.
  4. Year of harvesting

These 4 factors are very effective in the price of saffron.

If saffron has all these 4 characteristics that we have mentioned, its price will even reach 16500 TOMANS ( $0.73 USD) per gram, and if the iron’s gem is weak, its price will be between 11000 ($0.49 USD)to 12000 Tomans ($0.53 USD) per gram.

The photo below shows the best saffron in Iran, whose customers are mostly Chinese.

As you can see in the photo, this saffron has a wonderful size and a bright and shiny color.

These saffrons cannot be bought easily because their quantity is extremely small and as a result their price is higher than other types.

But some farmers also produce ironed saffron in their fields, which are very special and high quality, and are definitely very suitable for export, and make the risk of selling saffron in other countries practically zero for you.