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Prediction of harvesting 81 tons of Iranian pistachios from “Yamchi” pistachio orchards

The director of Agricultural organization of Marand city, stating that the city of “Yamchi” is the center of pistachio production in the northwest of the country.

said: it is expected that 81 tons of pistachios will be harvested from the gardens of this city this year.

In an interview, Ali Sayadi stated:

The total area of ​​fruit and non-fruit pistachio orchards in this city is about 357 hectares, of which about 135 hectares are fruitful and 222 hectares are non-fruit.

He stated that the pistachio harvest in this city will start from the middle of September and will continue until the end of October, he said:

Jumbo, Akbari and Ahmad Aghaei are the main cultivars in Marand.

Regarding the damages to the city’s pistachio crop last year, he added:

Due to harmful factors such as lack of inoculation due to the coincidence of rain and hail, and spring cold, we had a 40% reduction in yield.

Reduction in pistachio yield of the city

Sayadi stated that the average yield of Marand pistachio is 600 kg per hectare, and said:

Development of Iranian pistachio cultivation area in Marand city is one of the priorities of this management.

it is predicted that the lands under pistachio cultivation will increase by nearly 20 hectares in 2030-2020.

An increase in pistachio cultivation for the coming decade.

Referring to the water limitations of the region and soil salinity, which make it impossible to develop other agricultural products, he said:

Farmers should understand the limitations of cultivating irrigated crops and replace the traditional farming methods with new agricultural methods.

Yamchi city Iranian pistachio

Pistachio cultivation and infrastructures of the city for Yamchi pistachio

with the supply of water needed for agriculture from another basin and the water of Aras river to the basin of this city, the amount of cultivation of this crop will increase significantly as a result of the plan.

The director of Agricultural organization of Marand city, pointing out that pistachio cultivation has started especially in this city and has been seriously expanding during the last 10 years.

One of the main missions of the organization is to change the cultivation pattern in order to make optimal use of water resources.

The use of plant species is more resistant to water shortage conditions in the region, based on which the development of pistachio cultivation is on the agenda of this management.

He specified: the pistachio product of the city processes by a machines pistachio recording terminal and a number of home peeling machines and after packaging, it exports to the markets of the province and neighboring provinces.

Source of the news : IRNA