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Iranian pistachios terminology

The Smile nuts, Khandoon, Green Gold, Pestaga، Bistak، Pesteh all indicate a nut which is known as pistachio, and pistachios.
Pistachios are one of the delicious nuts which are popular for different uses like eating fresh, confectionery, and industrial products for instance perfume or in kitchens as pure oil.

Iranian pistachio producer export shelled and in-Shell pistachios to European countries and importers distribute them to retailer markets.
Iran is an important partner in the pistachio supply chain in the world.

Before the revolution, the UK was importing most of its pistachios from Iran, but after the USA became the main competitor of pistachio producer and increased its share in the global pistachio market as the main producer and exporter too.
Iran’s pistachios Name technology
Most In-demand varieties of Pistachios
Super Long Pistachio (Akbari) Long Pistachio ( Ahmad Ageai ) Fandogi Pistachio(Round ) Ohadi Kalleh ghouchi Pistachio(Jumbo)

Iranian pistachio cultivars

Super Long Pistachio (Akbari)


Akbari is a local variety of pistachio that is cultivating in Kerman. From there the tree is spread and planted in California, Spain, and Georgia.
It is well known for its commercial value and longer shape compared to other varieties.

Use: It is popular for ceremonies during Iran national ceremony for New year Nowruz most of the families try to buy and keep it prior the time to buy cheaper than high season and consume it when guests come to visit each other.
Of of the main kinds of pistachios for exporting is Akbari Pistachios.

Long pistachio Ahmad Aghaei Pistachios

Ferdows pistachios

This type of Iranian pistachio is going neck to neck with Akbari pistachio for customers.
It is delicious and a little bit cheaper than the other one mostly because the larger area of pistachio farms is under cultivation of Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio compared to Akbari as two famous long varieties.
Uses: fresh, export, snacks, and confectionery
Export: for exporting as raw bulk pistachio, dried raw pistachios have a longer shelf life and roasted pistachios have a stronger touch of tasty nuts smell.

Ohadi Pistachio

Ohadi is a family name in Iran, Mr. Mahdi Ohadi was a man who is known for his work on developing and cultivating this variety of pistachio.
It bears more pistachios than Long varieties.
Uses: snack

Kalleh ghouchi Pistachio(Jumbo)

In western countries, Jumbo referred to Kalleh ghouchi Pistachio.
It is a variety that is a little different than other types and very popular in the USA, Japan, and Korea.
Uses: confectionary, snack

Fandogi Pistachio

Fandogi means hazelnut and it indicates the small size and small shape of the pistachio type.
It is the cheapest type of Iranian pistachio and has the highest under cultivation farms in Iran.
Uses: daily, snack, cooking, popular in Russia and other countries for its low price.

Kinds of Pistachios terminology

Shell skin, In-shell, shelled Pistachios are mostly among the forms that Merchants name that to indicate to pistachio.

Shell skin of Iranian pistachios

The external thin vegetal layer that covers the surface of the fresh and on trees pistachios is called shell skin.
When pistachio trees bear products on branches the fruit is covered by a thin skin which ascending strong and delicious natural perfume if pistachios when scratching them.
Uses: Iranian make jam from pistachio shell skin, perfume industry, distillation, and medical usages.

Iranian In-shell

After peeling the shell skin and before woody shell separation to use the core of pistachios, pistachios are known as in-shell pistachios.
For is common to use pistachios and packing commercially.
Uses: daily, ceremony, snack

Iranian Shelled pistachios

This is the last form of natural pistachio before the pistachios powder, and it is the edible core of the pistachio.
It is very popular for confectionery and pistachio oil extraction.
Uses: Pistachio oil, confectionery, cooking

Iranian Pistachios powder

This is the latest form of rigid form of pistachio.
After grinding pistachios’ core it becomes powder.
Uses: confectionery, Halva


After extracting oil from pistachios, the residues are known as a beneficial meal for livestock.
Uses: animal husbandry

Green pistachios

The green raw core of shelled-pistachios is very popular for consuming freshly and is harvested when pistachios are not completely ripened.

What are the differences between Mechanically opened Pistachios and naturally opened pistachios?

Pistachios are harvested mostly when are 70% ripen on the trees.

Why do not wait till 100% naturally opened?

If waiting to be naturally occurring some of the pistachio nuts which are opened before the latest one may be spoiled and fermented.

Regarding the timeline, pistachios will be harvested and 30% of the nuts are nut opened naturally, so the harvesters shall open them mechanically.
There are two ways to open close pistachios

Abkhandan pistachios

The word Abkhandoon or Abkhandan indicates a traditional way to open close in-shell pistachios.
This type is cheaper than naturally opened pistachios and very popular for exporting to Russia.
To open pistachios by Abkhandoon way, they use cold and warm water (in Farsi ab means water).
In this form, the taste and perfume of pistachio will decrease because of the reaction and penetration of water in pistachios.
Long pistachios, super Long pistachios are the most proper pistachio cultivars that are used to open in this way.
How to open close pistachios by water?
Firstly, we should heat the close pistachios to become warm, and then float them in cold water ice within that and the difference of temperature and the shuck of temperature crack the shell and it becomes open.

How to recognize Abkhandoon pistachios from naturally opened?

The shell of Abkhandoon pistachios is more breakable than natural ones, and in some cases, the core of pistachios comes out easily without resistance. Also, by putting the pistachio under finger pressure Abkhandan pistachios will be broken from the end of the shell.
Moreover, within the pistachios shell surface is darker than naturally opened pistachios.

What are mechanically opened pistachios?
For some cultivars like round (hazelnuts), and Kalleh-ghochi (Jumbo) pistachios it is not possible to open them as used to open with water. (because of the round shape of the cultivars and hard shell)
They pound on the pistachio before drying them (by workers).

How long is the shelf life of Abkhandoon pistachios, mechanically opened pistachios, and naturally opened pistachios?
Abkhandoon has a lesser shelf-life and a cheaper price too.