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pistachios from the gardens of Mashhad

Tahmasebizadeh, director of Mashhad Agricultural organization, about Mashhad pistachios said:

It is predicted that this year, 1,400 tons of dried pistachios will be harvested from pistachio orchards in Mashhad with an average yield of 1,171 kg per hectare.

He stated that this amount of dried pistachios is equivalent to about four thousand tons of fresh pistachios, adding: “According to the forecast of harvesting this amount of fresh pistachios from the gardens of Mashhad, this amount of crop despite the annual gardens and the occurrence of cold damage, compared to last year It will increase by about 30%.

The director of Mashhad Agricultural organization, pointing out that there are currently 3,575 hectares of pistachio orchards in Mashhad, of which 1,150 hectares are fertile and 2,425 hectares are infertile, continued: Mashhad has a pistachio processing terminal An active and a terminal is under construction that the active unit processes and prepares more than 1,500 tons of products annually to the market.

Tahmasebizadeh stated that Mashhad pistachio is mainly from Sefid, Akbari and Ahmad Aghaei cultivars.

source of the news: YJC