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Iranian pistachio

Iranian pistachio is one of the most delicious nuts in the world.
Iran was the first country in the beginning of 20th century which was responsible for most of the pistachio supply in the world.


Iran has a long tradition of pistachio cultivation which backs to thousand years ago.
Since past decades iran is providing about 200000 tons of different cultivars of pistachios

Iranian pistachio varieties


Akbari pistachio is known as super long varieties because of its long shape which is very popular in the world

Ahmed Aghaei or Ahmad Aghaei

This pistachio variety is another main cultivar in Iran.
Every year most of Ahmad Aghaei pistachio exports to European countries and Asian territories.

Jumbo or Kaleghoochi

Jumbo or Kalleh-ghochi pistachio is very popular in Eastern parts of Asia specifically, China and Korea.

Round pistachio

Round pistachio or hazelnut pistachio is the most affordable Iranian pistachio variety and mostly is exporting to India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Ohadio pistachio

Ohadi pistachio is another Iranian and local pistachio variety.
Most of the fields are under cultivation of this type of pistachio.

Export destination of Iranian pistachio

Iranian pistachio was exported to Germany and the Uk before sanctions but after banking limitations most of Iranian pistachios have being exported to UAE, CHINA and INDIA for re-exporting and domestic consumption.

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