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0.5 billion USD pistachio and nuts have been exported during 5 months from Iran

Statistics show that in the first five months of the year, Iran exported $ 499 million USD worth of 131,719 tons of dried fruits, nuts and snacks.

According to the correspondent of the Economic Group of Anna News Agency, the statistics published by the Customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran show that in the first five months of 1999, Iran exported 449 million and 939 thousand dollars worth 131 thousand and 719 tons of nuts.

The List of the different kinds of dried fruits and Nuts which are exported from Iran in current 5 months

Its details are as follows:

Pistachio $ 318 million worth 44.8 thousand tons

Dates: $ 9.57 million, $ 4.40,000

Other dried fruits $ 11.9 million, 4.5 thousand tons

Walnuts: $ 2.4 million, 300 tons

Hazelnuts: 313 thousand tons, 113 tons

Almonds: $ 2.6 thousand, 410 kg

Almonds: $ 2.6 million, 706 tons

Raisins: $ 53.5 million, 40.9 thousand tons

Dates: $ 9.57 million, $

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