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Ardabil Grape harvest began from vineyards on the slopes of Sabalan and will continue for another month.

The governor of Meshginshahr city stated on September 16 during a visit to the vineyards of this city:

There are 15,000 hectares of grape orchards in Meshginshahr city, which is the first in the province in terms of fruit production.
Akbar Samadi, stating that 2,000 hectares of orchards in Meshginshahr have been allocated for grape production, noted:

“We anticipate that 25,000 tons of high quality grapes will be produced in this city during the harvest season.”
He continued:

“With the aim of increasing the productivity of Meshginshahr vineyards, operations were carried out and the harvest of this crop in Russian is on the agenda to increase production to 60 tons per hectare.”

Amount of grape per hectare

The governor of Meshginshahr stated:

with this method, which has been considered by gardeners in recent years, production will increase up to three times compared to the traditional method.
Samadi mentioned the need to develop processing and conversion industries of horticultural products in this city as one of the priorities and most important programs and said:

“With the participation of investors, some of these measures have started and we are still trying to develop these industries.”
He pointed out the low price of this product and the complaints of gardeners in this regard: We also believe that brokers and intermediaries make the most profit before buying and supplying this product, which is expected by providing a direct market for gardeners at the real price. Sell ​​your product.
However, with the harvest of grapes from the vineyards of Meshginshahr, a large number of gardeners complain about the low price of this product, so that the price of each kilogram of grapes in the orchards of this city is 4 to 5 thousand Tomans, while the quality product of Meshginshahr grapes with various varieties in the capital markets More than $0.7 USD per kg are also sold, which the producers expect to offer their product at a reasonable price by eliminating the intermediaries so that their one-year supply will not be looted.

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