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Sturgeon is a member of the sturgeon family, which is also known as a living fossil due to its antiquity. These fish are divided into 27 species and subspecies in the world.

Caviar fish the world’s top five species of sturgeon include the fillet or beluga, the Russian sturgeon or chalbash, the Persian sturgeon or crab, the sturgeon, and the ozone sturgeon are the main species in the Caspian Sea. Sturgeon caviar is one of the most expensive foods in the world.

Beluga, Russian Caviar, Astara and Ozon are the main types of Caviar

Caviar species

What is caviar

Caviar” is an energetic and nutritious food that its consumption is very low due to its very high price in our country.

This product is exported and currently, 85% of world consumption is related to Europe, America, and Canada. Today, this precious food is less popular. But knowledge of its valuable properties is necessary for the people of a producing country.

What is the meaning of the word caviar?

Caviar is Persian and from the word khagavar means small egg.

Caviar is known as black pearl.

On the eastern shores of the Caspian Sea, especially the shores of the Turkmen port (from Hasanqoli Bay to Miankaleh), Golestan province is the most important place for sturgeon fishing, where only half of Iran’s caviar is extracted.

Caviar is the unfertilized egg produced by the ovaries of the female sturgeon.

Basically, sturgeon is called estrogen. The value of these fish, in addition to meat, is due to their eggs, which are known as black pearls.

It takes between 12 and 16 years to get caviar from a fish. In the past, sturgeon were anesthetized with a plastic hammer, and then the caviar was taken out and the meat was sold. But today, by cesarean section, some of the eggs are removed from the belly of the fish.

And some are left to regenerate in the belly of the fish and the fish are returned to the sea. This method can be done up to 6 times for each fish.

Sturgeon, or sturgeon, belongs to the sturgeon family, a species of aquatic species that dates back several hundred million years to the Jurassic Age.

Hence, sturgeon are called living fossils of the world, which have survived to this day along with phylogeny evolution.

These fish are divided into 27 species and subspecies in the world, of which 6 species live in the Caspian Sea.

The value of sturgeon is not because of the use of their meat but because of their eggs, which are known as caviar or black pearl.

There are different types of caviar such as golden, red and black caviar, of which black caviar is of considerable value.

Color of caviar

How many types of sturgeon do we have in the Caspian Sea?

1- Elephant fish: This fish is the largest fish in the Caspian Sea that has very high quality and tasty sturgeon.

Elephant is a sturgeon that is one of the largest sturgeons in the Caspian Sea.It has a lifespan of more than 80 years and weighs more than one and a half tons.

The caviar of this fish is known as a beluga. Beluga caviar has a larger diameter than other types and its color is light brown and has many fans all over the world. The diameter of Beluga caviar grains is more than 3 mm, which is called imperial, and if its diameter is between 2.5 and 3 mm, it is called Beluga.

Diameter of Beluga caviar defines its name. 2.5-3 mm is know as Beluga and 3 or more than 3 mm is known as imperial

Imperial caviar vs Beluga caviar

Beluga is one of the most expensive and aristocratic food in the world and among those who consume caviar, this type of caviar is very popular. Imperial caviar is famous in the world for the names of zero and royal.

Elephant caviar with its beautiful appearance, hearty taste, large grains, unique aroma, magical taste, and transparency of its grains make this type of caviar different from other types.

Elephant caviar is one of the rarest caviar in the world and has many fans in the world in terms of the characteristics mentioned above.2- Qarabrun or Iranian sturgeonQarabrun caviar, which is a sturgeon, is up to 2 meters tall and weighs a maximum of 200 kg.

Its weight is usually between 20 and 80 kg.

This fish is known for its black nose due to its appearance. The caviar of this fish is like Astra and Sheep. The caviar of this fish is between 2 to 3 mm and it is very similar to the caviar of Sheep and Astra fish and because it is native to Iran. It is known as Iranian sturgeon.

3- Gold sturgeon: (Chalbash) or Russian This type of fish, whose name is not native to Iran and lives in the northern regions of the Caspian Sea near the sweet rivers, this type of fish live in the Ob and Lina Siberian rivers.

This type of fish does not weigh more than 200 kg and is bred in European countries for caviar. This caviar is similar to chalbash, except that it has inflated gill blades, a short snout that is slightly flat, and a lower incision deeper. Normally, the length of this fish does not reach more than 2 meters and its weight reaches between 50 and 100 kg. And its lifespan normally reaches sixty years.

It is a semi-migratory fish and lives in all Siberian rivers such as Ab, Yeni Si, Lena Tacoma, and Lake Baikal basin. This fish lives in northern Russia and is very similar to Astra caviar and its caviar color is from dark gray to black. This type of caviar is not produced much in Iran because it lives in the north of the Caspian Sea and is a migrant, it has a lower quality than other caviar. In Iran, most of the available caviar is smuggled to Iran from the Caspian littoral countries and sold.

4- Sheep fish: This fish is a sturgeon with a maximum length of 220 cm and a weight of 80 kg, which is normal, in Iran, its length is 150 cm and weight is about 60 kg.

This fish naturally lives for more than 30 years, which is about 14 years in Iran. It has the lowest catch of fish in the Caspian Sea and is endangered.5 – Ozone fish Soruga fish Ozone is native to the Caspian Sea.

Ozone is the smallest sturgeon and because of its long snout, it has a unique appearance and that is why it is called Ozone.

Ozone fish caviar is between 1.7 and 2.5 mm.Ozone caviar is smaller in appearance than other types.

This caviar is famous for its good taste.In Iran, in some cases,

Notice: we see that salmon eggs are sold as golden caviar, which, of course, does not have a health code, seal, or packaging of reputable companies in unreliable stores, but of course we must be careful in buying our original Caspian caviar. Let’s be.

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