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Iran’s saffron production profits for whom?

A member of the Agriculture Commission of the Congress said: “While the country’s saffron growers work hard, but the main profit belongs to the processing sector, it should be asked why this profit goes to foreigners?”

Alireza Nazari, pointing out that the main profit of the saffron sector, instead of going to the producer’s pocket, belongs to a group of foreign countries and those who process the product, said:

The saffron production cycle is currently practically unorganized. He added:

“According to the information we have in the country, even in areas where high-quality saffron is produced in the country, such as Ghaen, the total production is 500 tons per year, which is a significant figure.

“Our buyers are mainly six countries, none of which produce saffron, and the maximum price that our saffron growers sell in bulk is 12 or 13 million tomans to 20 million tomans per kilogram(500-700 USD).

” Nazari stated: “But we have obtained information in the commission according to which people who try to process saffron bring the amount of one kilogram of saffron significantly higher to tens fold profits, which shows a very high difference and seeks to create added value in this field.”