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Iran pistachio Production and export.

Iran pistachio export and production are two important concepts for the industry.

in average 177000 kg of Pistachios per year (2009-2019) and export about 56% or 99500 kg of that.

How much Iran pistachio export and production are volatile

Due to the historical chart of the nut’s Production and export, the trend of export seems a little stable than it’s production. (production voltality/export volatility = 1.57).

Production and export are dependent?

When looking to the nut Production and export chart.

it seems there is a semi relationship between the two data.

When calculating correlation of the two columns,are moving in same direction (correlation : 0.6).

It means when the amount of Iran pistachio decreases.

the amount of export, expected to be decreased as a result of total production.

On the other hand, when total production shrinks 100 metric tons amount of export will be decreased about 60 tons.

pistachio price index

What factors effect Iran pistachio export and production.

Among the most important factors which have effects on are:

yearly frost, old fashioned planting system and at last but not least global banking sanctions which make transactions difficult for both farmers and importers.

Another important thing about Iran pistachio Production is land under pistachio cultivation decreasing trend.

Some of the reasons of that is draught, low international demand because of the difficulty of transactions which makes domestic supply higher than demand.

In this case most of the domestic consumers are not able to consume this margin because of bad economic condition.

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