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Iran pistachio export

Iran pistachio export chart which illustrates amount of iran pistachio production in compared of Iran pistachio export from 2009 to 2019.
Due to the chart below, ebtors’s market analyzers attempt to make a comparison and summarize the trend of Iranian pistachio export and production in 10 years time frame and make a conclusion which may helps to estimate numbers for coming seasons.

Iran pistachio export
Iran ppistachio export

To start with, in 2009 Iran produced 150000 tons of different kinds of pistachios and exported slightly less than half of that(70000 tons).
A year later, production increased to 216000 tons which is the second largest amount of production (same as 2014) among the years which is studied and gathered in the chart(after 2015). in the same year Iran’s pistachio export increased hit its highest level of all time by exporting 160000 tons of pistachios.
But in 2011 the amount of Iran’s pistachio production and export fell to 133089 tons for the former and 35000 tons for the later which is the ever least amount of export in during the time frame of the research.
In 2012 production jumped to about 200000 tons and Iran’s pistachio export increased to 108000 tons which is a little less than 50% of the total production.
Whilst, the amount of production shrinked about 10% in 2013 and export decreased respectively.
In 2014 amount of production hit the highest level again but export remains steady (84000 tons or about 42% of Iran’s pistachio production was exported).
In 2015 and 2016 Iran’s pistachio production decreased to 180000-170000 sequentially. But the most important aspect was Iran’s pistachio export to Production ratio which both were increased to 83% in 2015 and 80% (136000 tons) in 2016.
2017 was the highest amount of production which broke the limits to obtain to 225000 tons but Iranian pistachio export decrease to the lowest level of two years befor(131000 tons) on the other words, 58% of Iranian pistachio was exported.
2018 was a pivot for both Iran’s pistachio production and export which two became equal by producing and exporting 50000 tons of pistachios or we can say about all pistachios were exported to meet the international demand for Iranian pistachios.
Lastly, Iran export dramatically increased to 200000 tons and Iran’s pistachio export increased as a result of production (for more information please click on interactive elements on the chart).
Conclusion: in general speaking , it is expected amount of iranian pistachio production follows by Iran’s pistachio export and due to the data which is demonstrated on the chart those two elements are visually correlated.
Another out comes is the minimum amount of pistachio which is apart of how much is Iran’s pistachio production. Regarding to 2018 the minimum export demand is 50000 tons per year.
Other conclusion would be pistachio production increase expectancy which accrues in avarage every 3-4 years(2010-2014-2017).