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How much pistachio is exported during the first quarter from Iran-Kerman

Iran pistachio export quarterly in 2020 Kerman IRNA – The Secretary General of the Iranian Pistachios Association said that from April to July this year.

35,000 tons of pistachios exported to foreign countries, which shows a growth of 235% compared to the same period last year.

Hossein Rezaei said on Saturday at a meeting of the Rafsanjan pistachio headquarters at the governor’s office.

In April, May, June and July of this year, 2600, 9200, 9800 and 14 thousand of pistachios exported from Iran, respectively.

He added: “During this four-month period, by withdrawing the foreign exchange contract for pistachios and dates, exporters came to the square and were able to export pistachios well.

Has Corona pandemic effected the amount of Iran pistachio export quarterly in 2020?

Rezaei added: Corona is not the main reason for the decrease in exports and problems in the field of pistachios.

although the consumption of this product is decreasing in the world.

but if the law is well, we can export pistachios in the worst conditions.

so that from April to July this year 35 thousand tons of pistachios were exported to foreign countries.

He said that arrangements should be made for various issues of pistachios, including harvesting, exporting and importing foreign exchange.

noting that one of the issues in the field of pistachios is foreign exchange contracting.

The Secretary General of the Iranian Pistachio Association stated: More than 55,000 tons of pistachios produced (historical pistachio Production and price index).

in the country’s orchards in 2018-2019 and 30,000 tons of this product exported and 22,000 tons remained in warehouses.

If the authorities act correctly, they will return to the appropriate export cycle. We return.

Rafsanjan pistachio Production in comparison of other provinces.

Rezaei said that in Rafsanjan, in compare to other pistachio-growing parts of the country, a particularly good crop is this year.

He pointed : But the liquidity of harvesting and buying this product from farmers and its export must be provided.

Because the farmers of Rafsanjan did not have crops in the last 2 years,.

while they will not have crops for another 2 years.

What is the plan for the next year to export pistachio?

He continued: next year we will have about 30,000 tons of pistachios in this city.

How Farmers should be take care so that by selling their produce well.

they can live for the next 2 years, which will be a year without pistachios.

He also referred to the revival of the pistachio market in the world and said:

“We are also pursuing the solution of the problems in this field so that as soon as the currency.

we can import the goods needed by the country in exchange for pistachio exports or bartering ”

If we do not pursue this issue, pistachios will definitely exports in half currency.

and exporters are not interested in exporting in this currency.

pistachios will remain in Iranian warehouses.

How many farmers and workers are working in the fields.

Rezaei stated: The pistachio industry is operating in the country with five million direct and indirect jobs.

Provide infrastructure for direct export of pistachios from Rafsanjan to China

The head of the representative office of the Kerman Chamber of Commerce in Rafsanjan also stated:

in this meeting: “Today, pistachio exporters are having problems importing foreign currency due to sanctions.

Foreign exchange obligations have doubled the problems of pistachio exporters and activists.”

Ali Gholamrezaeipour stated: “Iran’s pistachio exports are worth about $ 2 billion annually.

We call on the government to make serious decisions to save the pistachio industry in favor of farmers and activists in this field.”

He continued: “Currently, considering that the opportunities for foreign exchange commitment have expired.

the Central Bank should extend this opportunity and provide it to exporters.

so that they can fulfill their foreign exchange obligations and export pistachios well.”

He pointed out that in order for exporters to buy pistachios, credits are necessary to exporters from the country’s foreign exchange fund.

So, that they can buy and export pistachios from farmers.

The government has allocated a budget of $9 million USD for this work.

but this number will not be the required one percent for pistachios this year either.

Gholamrezaeipour said: “Iran-China Investment Company has provided a platform for the presence of Chinese investors in Iran, especially Rafsanjan,

which is a good opportunity for pistachio exporters to be present in the Chinese market.”

He pointed out: Infrastructure is also important to export pistachios directly from Rafsanjan to China.

while there are railway lines in this city and it is possible to export pistachios directly from Rafsanjan to China.