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Director-General of Kerman Customs said: “During the first ten months of this year ( March 2020 to February 2021), 340,000 tons of items worth $ 819 million exported from other provinces, which is a 26 percent increase over the same period last year.”

Mohammad Reza Qader told reporters on Wednesday that the World Costume Organization had named this year’s slogan “Customs in support of the revival and reconstruction of the supply chain” and added: “Corona disease has placed restrictions on traffic, travel and even foreign trade, and this is serious damage to businesses.

He pointed out that in addition to the coronary restrictions on sanctions, we also had restrictions on exports and imports.

With the measures taken to support production and help production units, we succeeded in keeping the production and supply chain somewhat stable.

He said

The Director-General of Kerman Province Customs said: During the first ten months we exported, 340,000 tons of items worth $ 819 million from Kerman Province to other countries, which is a 26% increase compared to the same period last year.

He added: Pistachio and pistachio kernels, dried and fresh dates, copper products, sugar, ceramic tiles, stone, cement were among the major export items from the province to Italy, Germany, China, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and Exported to Afghanistan.

How much is the quantity?

Qader stated that there are no exact statistics on the export of products produced in Kerman province because many products are exported from other customs.

According to the statistics from the comprehensive customs affairs export system of Kerman province, from all customs in 10 months, one million and 227 thousand tons were worth one billion and 727 million dollars.

Agricultural sector

The Director-General of Kerman Customs stated: In the field of agriculture, 328 thousand tons of products worth 1 billion and 47 million dollars, in the field of industrial goods 627 thousand tons worth 665 million dollars, in the field of minerals 268 thousand tons worth 12 million and 965 dollars.

He said that Kerman was the fifth export province of the country during the last eight months: according to the export statistics of the province’s products, Kerman is the first export province of the country because no province has as many export products as Kerman province.

Director-General of Kerman Province Customs, stating that 56 items exported from Kerman province to 58 countries, said: Some goods are strategic, but there is a lot of capacity in the field of export in the province due to the variety of products.

Imported items

During the first decade of this year, 43,000 tons of products worth $ 315 million imported, which in terms of value, we have reduced imports by 48%.

He pointed out: in the field of import in the province, we do not have ready-to-consume goods, and the customs of all the goods that imported are the goods of the intermediary institutions or the machines of the production lines that we use in production.

The director-general of Kerman province customs said that the weakness of export management is export and professional marketing organizations and added: in the discussion of e-government development, all export and import services are electronically and in this regard, Kerman customs are leading.