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Mohammad Ali Mohammad Mirzaeian, about Iran pistachio export after lifting export’s money returning in a joint meeting of members of the Trade and Agriculture Commission, added:

“Considering that Kerman is an export province and its main exports are related to agricultural products.

especially pistachios, dates and summer vegetables, reducing the problems related to currency return can be exported.” To flourish.

He pointed out that in this plan, there is an exemption for technical and engineering services products from the return of foreign exchange earned from exports.

he continued: All private sector activists in the country’s provinces who export agricultural products and technical and engineering services can address this important issue.

Follow up through the members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

How much pistachio will be produced this year?

He pointed out: 200 to 220 thousand tons of pistachios have been produced this year (2020) and also 25 thousand tons of products have remained in warehouses.

since last year, but the export volume has been low so that we still have 160 thousand tons of pistachios for export.

Mirzaeian stated: The change in the world price of pistachios is usually based on tradition.

but in some varieties of pistachios we have even dropped the world price by up to one dollar.

but the increase in the dollar rate in Iran prevented the price of pistachios from falling.

The head of the Kerman Chamber of Commerce stated: the consumption of pistachios in the country decrease from 10 thousand tons to 4 to 5 thousand tons and the consumption of pistachio kernels has decreased by 40%.

In another part, he announced the dispatch of a delegation from Kerman province to South Africa early next year and said:

“Considering the suitable situation of these countries for extraterrestrial cultivation, all aspects of this section should be examined and accurate and complete information collected.”

To bring farmers and investors to these countries with full hands.

Quality analysis and pricing of agricultural fertilizers

The head of the Kerman Chamber’s agriculture commission also pointed to the increase in the costs of the agricultural sector and added:

“The price of agricultural inputs and fertilizers has increased, which, along with other issues, raises the cost of the product.” Mohammad Reza Torabi stated:

“Farmers also want to price fertilizers and analyze the quality of fertilizers because the supply of low quality fertilizers has also increased.”

Rainfall has increased the production and quality of dates and Iran pistachio export

The secretary of the Kerman Province Date Association also explained the situation of dates this year and said:

heavy rains in Sistan and Baluchestan, Bushehr and Khuzestan provinces have increased the production and quality of dates.

Meqdad Taklouzadeh, stating that one million and 250 thousand tons of dates have been exported in the country this year.


“Production costs have increased, the export of dates is no longer economically justified and therefore exports have decreased.”

He said: “Currently, there are 650,000 tons of dates in the country’s warehouses, most of which should be exported by the end of this year, because about 70% of date consumption in many countries in May next year will coincide with the holy month of Ramadan.” “We have been facing a decrease in the price of dates since the beginning of autumn,” said Taklouzadeh.

There are 95,000 tons of dates in cold storages in the east of the province

Continuing the meeting, the head of the Agricultural Organization of Kerman province said: “Currently, there are 95,000 tons of dates in cold stores in the east of the province. we announce.

Abbas Saeedi, referring to the various dimensions mentioned in relation to fertilizers needed for agriculture and said: This year, 30% of fertilizers have been distributed more than last year, all fertilizers have been sent to laboratories and sellers must have a registration certificate, Sell ​​the analyzed fertilizers.

Noting that the price of agricultural fertilizers has increased a few days ago, he asked farmers to go to authorized sales centers to prepare fertilizers. Regarding the issue of extraterrestrial cultivation and South Africa, Saeedi said:

“Iran pistachio export that accurate information and complete and comprehensive guidance on the cultivation situation in these countries will be farmers and investors to The economics of producing some products took advantage of this opportunity to re-export.

It is worth mentioning that in this meeting, a group of economic activists and government managers related to the issues raised expressed their opinions and suggestions.